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What is Lift Gate Delivery Service? Everything You Need to Know

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Apr 09, 2024

What is lift gate delivery service? That’s an important question to ask when you are buying large appliances, furniture, and other oversized items that require special shipping arrangements. Lift gate delivery service, also called pallet service, may be available at the time of purchase. They may also be available separately through the carrier you choose to ship your product. Here’s everything you need to know about lift gate delivery service so you can decide if it’s right for your purchase and make the most of it once it arrives at your home or business. 

What is lift gate service? 

The term “lift gate” refers to a foldable metal platform that is mounted on the back of a commercial truck. In countries outside of the United States, the term “tailgate” may be used instead. The terms “liftgate” and “lift gate” are interchangeable in the United States. Its purpose is to extend out of the truck to raise freight pallets from the ground up to the bed of the truck or trailer. It can then be lowered down as well. 

With lift gates, freight shipping carriers can move heavy cargo from a trailer to the ground with a pallet jack with relative ease. When freight or cargo is too heavy for manual handling, lift gates relieve drivers from having to lift it. It’s important to remember that not all freight companies offer lift gate service. For example, if you have bulky items that need to be moved into your home, you might want to find a driver who offers liftgate service. 

How does lift gate service help me, the consumer? 

Having lift gate services saves you from the intensive labor and possible injuries that come along with lifting heavy freight. It is not only unsafe to lift heavy materials during work, but it will also cause delays in the actual work, resulting in additional consequences. Lift gates eliminate this danger by offering a service that prevents people from injuring themselves while lifting.  

Additionally, potential damage could occur during shipment on regular truck surfaces. This may result in an extra charge that is much higher than the initial cost. You may end up in a situation where you have to pay to get a damaged item and get another shipment. You may then have to pay extra for the lift-gate service. Avoid this by using lift gate service if the products are valuable. 

Why should I use a lift gate service as opposed to another delivery method? 

There is a likelihood that some individuals will be handling other tasks. Lift gate services require minimal manpower for the completion of a task, rather than performing loading or unloading tasks. Lift gate service eliminates the need for extra manpower since service delivery crews receive compensation to perform the extra work. 

Can my order be delivered with lift gate service? 

In cases where a company cannot deliver freight to a location, lift gate delivery is a more convenient option. In order to identify as a lift gate delivery, a company would usually need to own or work with a lift. This would be true for almost any company without a forklift that would otherwise be unable to load the truck without one. However, these businesses typically do not face any problem if their freight does not exceed 150lbs per piece.

But, on occasions where the cargo exceeds this limit, lift gate service is necessary for safe loading or offloading. Due to the inability to safely unload materials and secure it at construction sites, materials need to undergo proper handling, packaging, and transportation in other means. Companies with access to an integrated lift gate delivery service would do well in America’s larger-scale market.  

You may also consider lift gate delivery service for residential purposes. More than 100 million households use freight delivery regularly. However, not a lot of homes have the proper setup to handle unloading shipping containers or trailers. Things get more difficult when delivering parcels too big for normal shipping services, such as UPS, USPS, or FedEx. Therefore, if you want to have household goods such as homebuilding materials and furniture delivered to you, try using a company that offers both residential and lift gate services, like home delivery. 

What is the cost of lift gate delivery?

Freight carriers typically charge for lift gate delivery services. The price you pay will depend on the carrier, the weight, and where the service is provided. Carriers typically charge per hundred pounds of freight and have a maximum and minimum charge. According to a comparison of LTL freight additional service fees, lift gate service can cost as little as 85 dollars or as much as 500 dollars. 

Is there an easier way to select lift gate delivery service? 

When it comes to finding lift gate and other delivery services, it’s important to find the right carrier. The best option is to choose an experienced company that has a variety of professional freight services and will provide a high-quality shipping process for your needs. Our 24/7 shipping platform offers a network of carriers who provide lift gate services. On the GoShip website, you can instantaneously compare deals and choose the best LTL freight quote or FTL shipping quote among them all.

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