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Preparing for Peak Season Shipping

Regardless of the fluctuations in the freight market, there is a relatively stable pattern when it comes to freight shipping seasons. In freight shipping, the year is divided into four parts and is mainly determined by the demand and the business of freight carriers and shippers. Understanding freight seasons can help you accurately predict demand … Continue reading “Preparing for Peak Season Shipping”

A Guide to Different Types of Shipping Pallets

What is a wooden pallet? The pallet is a flat structure used for transporting freight. Wooden pallets are simply platforms of a standard pallet size that are the most common type of packaging in freight shipping. There are different types of pallets, but they are mostly made of either wood or plastic. The freight is … Continue reading “A Guide to Different Types of Shipping Pallets”

How to Complete a BOL: Bill of Lading Form

The Bill of lading (BOL) is a very important document in the shipping industry that acts as a contract between the shipper, the carrier, and consignees. Because of the critical nature of the BOL, information must be filled out accurately every time. Many shippers use the same BOL form template to avoid making mistakes, however, … Continue reading “How to Complete a BOL: Bill of Lading Form”