Tips and Tricks to Successfully Move Cross-Country

The thought of moving can frighten many different people, especially moving across the country. It's not a big deal if you don’t have many pieces of furniture and items to worry about, but when you've been living in a certain place for years, and you like material things, you’re most...

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Preparing Your Business for the Holiday Season

As we move into mid-October and the shipping season continues to flourish before the holiday season, many small businesses can begin to feel overwhelmed. Companies see a large increase in their annual sales during the holidays and should be prepared for a surge in online and in-store purchases made from...

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5 Signs It’s Time to Change Your LTL Shipping Provider

When is the right time to change your LTL shipping provider? Building important long lasting relationships with your LTL provider is an important part of maintaining a strong shipping network, but there are numerous signs that will clearly let you know when the time has come to switch. As a...

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6 Steps Towards Greener Shipping

Freight shipping is one of the biggest contributors to pollution today, but it doesn’t have to be that way. New studies on the effects of climate change and green shipping over the last decade have encouraged establishments to take measures for reducing the carbon footprint in all industries, including the...

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How Does Density Affect LTL Shipping?

Freight pricing is changing to be more focused on freight density instead of weight. This change is occurring because of the growing popularity of e-commerce and the driver shortage. Carriers that are still charging shippers based only on their products' weight are losing a ton of space and money. Here...

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An Introduction to Freight Insurance

Shipping freight can sometimes be a bit stressful, so we’ve put together a guide to make sure you can sit back and relax throughout the process. There’s a lot to keep an eye on, but with the right precautions taken before your cargo hits the road, you can plan and...

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Infographic: 5 Tips for Shipping Fragile Items

Preparing fragile items for transit can quickly turn stressful, because fragile and valuable items need extra care and attention when it comes to shipping. Here at GoShip.com, we want to make the fragile shipping process as easy for you as possible, so today we have put together an infographic with...

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2018 Trends Affecting Shipping Costs

  At GoShip.com, we believe in closely watching the shipping industry and staying up to date with freight transportation and shipping trends to be able to provide our customers with the best tools for their shipping needs. According to DAT, which is a is a US-based freight exchange and provider...

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Four Freight Saving Tips for Shippers

Have you ever tried to make a shipment and were shocked by the price of the shipping cost estimates? There are many things that go into determining your final shipping cost. Factors like fuel costs are out of your control, but other factors like weight can be controlled. We will...

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LTL Continues To Grow In 2018

Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping is very popular among small businesses and has continually grown in the past few years. In 2018, the LTL sector is expected to have substantial growth in profit and number of shipments across the U.S. This growth in LTL is a result of the tightening of trucking...

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