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Package vs Pallet Shipping: What Shipping Pallets Are the Best For You?

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Mar 28, 2018

Shipping safety is a cause for concern when preparing for any delivery. This is why packaging and protective measures remain a top priority in the freight industry. Hence, before shipping via any carrier, you must select a suitable option for your goods between package or pallet shipping. And you can only achieve this when you know the difference(s) between package or pallet shipping methods.

Depending on what you are shipping, you will need to know whether a package or pallet best fits your shipment. Thankfully, this post throws light on these differences and other valuable package and pallet shipping information. Let’s dive into the details.

What is the Difference Between Package and Pallet Shipping?

Package shipping is undoubtedly the most popular shipping method for many years. A package is usually a cardboard box that smaller items are shipped in. This can range from clothing items to car tires. In this case, goods are kept in a package, which could be a parcel in the form of a compact unit or a single shipment transported in a cardboard box, envelope, or solid container.

Package shipping is suitable for moderate-sized shipments that do not require special handling or extra fixation, such as clothing items or car tires. However, for larger shipments, you will need high-quality protection. Now, this is where pallet shipping comes into the picture.

In recent times, pallet shipping has become a go-to option for owners of e-commerce businesses, thanks to what it brings to the table. Pallets are flat platforms that keep shipment stable on one base during transit. Put simply; they provide a more secure foundation that makes stacking and other shipping tasks easier.

Since they are more efficient, you can use them whenever you have to ship multiple packages at once. This is why it is a great option for shipping furniture and bulky items that may be difficult to hold together when being shipped. Standard pallet shipping is mostly carried out with wooden pallets, as they are made of sustainable material that encourages eco-friendly shipping operations. Nonetheless, shippers consider alternatives like plastic pallets sometimes.

Note that the standard wooden pallet sizes are 48 inches by  48” × 40″ and can normally handle weights up to 4,600 lbs.

How Do I Know When to Use a Pallet?

Pallet shipping makes shipping efficient. However, it will only be classified as a smart choice when applied for the right shipment.

So, how do you know if a pallet is well-suited to your shipment? You are about to find out.

Without further ado, you can use pallet shipping when:

  • Your freight is fragile (can easily be damaged)
  • You need to make loading and unloading easier, faster, and safer
  • You need to ship many boxes
  • You need to ship valuable cargo
  • You need to ship Less Than Truckload (LTL)
  • You need top security for shipment during transit

Using a pallet is a smart choice when shipping using LTL and can help ease the loading and unloading process. Pallet shipping can be more expensive than package shipping but can ensure that your shipment gets delivered efficiently and safely to its destination. Choosing the wrong pallet for your shipment can lead to damages to the items you are having shipped. When choosing a pallet for your shipment, you want to choose one that is made of sturdy wood that can hold up the weight of your shipment and the freight that will be stacked on top of it. Pallet shipments are wrapped in a protective plastic film to further ensure the safety of your shipment.

Tips on Safe Pallet Shipping

After confirming that pallet shipping is suitable for you, the next step is to ensure that you secure your items so that there are no damages during transportation. Nothing beats the peace of mind that comes with delivering a shipment in good shape and getting information that it arrived in the same condition. So, if you desire a safe pallet shipping experience, don’t joke with these 2 tips below.

Choose the Ideal Pallet

At this point, you know that pallet shipping is a promising option for moving goods from one location to another. However, you can only enjoy the benefits if you choose the right pallet for your shipment. Here is the thing, choosing the wrong pallet puts your shipped items at risk during transit. So, do the right thing — select only high-quality and reliable wooden pallets that can handle the weight of your shipment.

Use Protective Covering

If you don’t have plans to use any protective covering on your shipment, now is the best time to ditch those plans. Leaving your items exposed will only attract damage. And you certainly do not want the first-hand experience of a damaged item.

So, ensure you wrap your pallet shipments in a protective plastic film or stretch wrap. This is an effective way to keep your items safe throughout transit.

Type of Shipping Pallets

It is important to use suitable shipping pallets that can accommodate your shipping items easily. Depending on their structure, there are two main types of shipping pallets namely, block pallets and stringer pallets.

Block pallets — also known as four-way pallets — can be loaded from all sides (4 sides). They are widely used for transporting large and heavy items, as they provide better support.

On the other hand, stringer pallets — also known as two-way pallets — consist of three wooden stringers (long pieces of wood) and can be loaded from only two sides.

Furthermore, you will also find other types of shipping pallets, like double-wing pallets, single-wing pallets, solid deck pallets, double-face pallets, flush pallets, reversible and non-reversible pallets. Each pallet possesses unique characteristics and serves different shipment purposes.

Is Pallet Shipping Costly?

Pallet shipping can be more expensive than package shipping. Nonetheless, you can rest assured that your shipment will be transported efficiently and safely from the loading location to the final destination.

Factors That Influence Pallet Shipping Costs

Wondering why pallet shipping is mostly more expensive than package shipping? Here are a few factors that determine the charges for pallet shipping:

  • The distance involved in transporting the pallets from the production location to your loading location
  • The number of pallets needed for your shipment

The difference(s) between package or pallet shipping goes a long way in ensuring the smooth and safe delivery of your items. Hence, it’s only right that you are in the know. Thankfully, as you can see, the details in this post are all you need to find the perfect shipping method for your goods with ease. If you are ever in doubt, feel free to refer to this information we have shared and apply what you learn for your next shipment.

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