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How to Ship an Engine

how to ship an engine
Many people are hesitant to ship engines and transmissions. They’re bulky, heavy, and irregularly shaped. They also contain potentially hazardous liquids and oils. Despite these concerns, engines are actually one of the easiest items to ship! They’re durable machines that can handle the shipping process with ease. With that in...

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6 Factors That Influence Dry Van Rates

dry van truck
Due to its high availability, affordable rates, and versatile operations, many companies and businesses rely on dry van shipping for local and nationwide freight transportation. However, dry van freight shipping rates vary wildly throughout the year. Failure to learn about dry van shipping rate trends can cause significant damage to...

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7 Ways to Reduce Shipping Costs

Reduce shipping costs
When the bulk of your business funds go to packaging and deliveries, it might be time to reconsider reducing shipping costs to improve your profit margin. Calculating the costs of shipping expenses can be overwhelming. Businesses need to consider: Shipping zones Weight and dimensions Delivery insurance Delivery speed Tracking Fortunately,...

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How to Choose the Best Shipping Software for Your Business

Workers looking at shipping software on computer
Whether you own a small eCommerce shop or a fast-growing enterprise, you will need shipping software that’ll set your business up for success. Taking the responsibility to streamline your workflow with new technology can be daunting, but it’s the first step to ensuring that you find the right solutions that...

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What Is Freight Class?

Various sized boxes loaded into the back of a truck
Not all LTL freight is created equal. Different commodities are categorized according to freight class, and this will affect your shipping rates. To properly calculate LTL shipping costs, all cargo is categorized into 18 freight classes. This article will go over the basics of freight class, the 18 different freight classes, how freight class is...

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What You Should Know About LTL Tracking

Person load a palet of boxes into a freight truck.
We’re all familiar with those handy tracking numbers that come with our online orders.  Simply enter a code, and you’ll see the whole journey of your package! Right from the moment you “add to cart” and until it reaches your doorstep. But does the same rule apply when you need to...

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How to Choose the Best Shipping Provider

Small Business owner handling a package
  The smooth delivery of your products is the first way to build trust and customer satisfaction.  When running a business, you must find an affordable, reliable, fast, and secure way for your items to reach your customers.  What are some of the factors to look for in the best...

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What Is Consolidated Shipping?

packages outside a freight container
As a business owner, it’s understandable if you’re always looking for the most affordable and efficient way to move your inventory. Freight consolidation is one way to save on freight costs and include a ton of other advantages for your shipments such as better security, consistent shipping schedules, and better...

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