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Labor shortages occur when the demand for workers in a particular industry exceeds the supply of people who are qualified and willing to take the job. In logistics, labor shortage puts a strain on the supply chain, making it difficult for businesses to fulfill orders. Learning how to work through labor shortages keeps your business […]
Automating business processes like shipping can save you valuable time and money while equipping you with the necessary tools to scale. This article discusses how to automate shipping and label printing to eliminate repetitiveness in fulfillment processes and boost operational efficiency.   What Does it Mean To Automate Shipping   Shipping automation involves streamlining logistics procedures by […]
Shipping is a cost neither business owners nor their customers enjoy having to shoulder. It is, however, impossible to avoid in e-commerce. Shipping costs often leave the affected parties no choice but to learn how to deal with it. Fortunately, there are effective strategies you can employ to reduce your e-commerce store’s shipping costs. Here […]
Fashion e-commerce has grown tremendously over the years and is set to generate almost 300 billion dollars in sales by 2025. To remain competitive in this fast-paced industry, simply selling great clothes will not suffice. It is equally crucial to bring your A-game in the area of apparel fulfillment to keep your customers satisfied and […]

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Filling out shipping documentation can be exhausting. However, the knowledge of required shipment information and reliable guidelines can help you complete your BOL easily and quickly. What is the bill of lading (BOL)? The bill of lading (BOL) is an essential document in the freight shipping process that acts as the main agreement between a […]

Backorder: What it Means, Causes, and How to Reduce Tem...

Backorders are inevitable in business. Learning to manage them while keeping your customers happy is key to running a successful business.   What is Backorder?   A backorder occurs when a customer orders an item that is temporarily out of stock. Generally, back-ordered items comprise goods that are unavailable in the seller’s current inventory but are either […]

5 Logistics Trends to Watch for in 2023

The logistics industry constantly evolves to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s global economy. With the hurdles of 2022 behind us, here are logistics trends 2023 you can expect in the coming year. Environmental Regulations The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) set some regulations to control the greenhouse emissions of commercial trucks. Although these […]

5 E-Commerce Business Promo Ideas That Will Effectively...

Nothing excites e-commerce business owners more than getting reports or updates about more sales. Hence, you will agree that sale is the heart of your business. Similar to how the heart pumps blood to every part of your body, sales pump revenue throughout different aspects of your business.  That said, without buyers, you cannot make sales […]

Perishable Shipping: How to Reduce Transport Spoilage f...

It is no secret that perishables are some of the driving forces in the food manufacturing industry. Hence, they are always in demand. Now, this is where perishable shipping comes into play. Perishable shipping is the movement or transportation of perishables — goods that can easily decay or spoil — from one location to another.  […]

10 Common Mistakes Freight Shippers Make and How to Avo...

Every business owner wishes to satisfy their customers and keep them happy. So, if you would love to make your wishes come true, steer clear of making freight shipping mistakes. Here’s the thing, you are just one mistake away from losing customers and money. And that is bad for business, especially if you pride yourself in […]

7 Reasons to Update Your Return Policy Today

If you sell items offline or online, you will likely find yourself in situations where customers need to return purchased products. This can happen for different reasons, including defective or damaged items, wrong item purchases, customers deciding they no longer want the product, or failing to meet customers’ expectations.   Regardless of the situation that leads to […]

How to Ship Electronics: Tips and Best Practices for Sh...

Over the years, electronics have become a mainstay in different homes across the globe, as they save time and effort. However, the tables turn differently when it comes to shipping them from one location to another because the process can sometimes be highly demanding and time-consuming, especially when handling heavy electronics. Unlike other regular items, such as […]

Holiday Order Fulfillment: How to Deliver an Experience...

Have you ever wondered why the top dogs in your industry have more customers than you? Or what they are doing right to retain their first-time customers. It is simple. They understand one of the most powerful principles in the business world — prioritizing holiday order fulfillment and overall customer satisfaction. In the business world, customer satisfaction […]

The Pros and Cons of Different E-commerce Shipping Pric...

There are several shipping pricing methods for e-commerce businesses–each with its strengths and weaknesses.   Pros and Cons of Flat-Rate Shipping Method   Flat-rate shipping is a pricing method where the shipping fee depends on the size of the box or envelope rather than the item’s dimensional weight.   Pros of Flat-Rate Shipping   Price consistency: With flat-rate shipping, […]

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