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How Does Shipping Automotive Parts Work?

Whether you are a car owner, a seller or buyer of equipment, or an auto business owner, you know that shipping in this industry can be tough. Automotive parts are items of different size, shape, weight, and cost. They require very careful handling and that’s why shipping automotive parts can...

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How Are Mobile Shipping Apps Changing the Shipping Industry?

The freight shipping industry is moving far away from paperwork-centered operations. Most companies have implemented technology tools to run their business and keep data organized. Now that CRM's, ELD's, and many other essential technologies have become popular in the industry, shipping apps can improve shipping experiences for both shippers and...

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How Do You Ship Heavy Equipment?

How Do You Ship Heavy Equipment
Shipping heavy items like large equipment, machinery, or auto parts can be quite challenging. Before diving into the shipping process, you should understand the intricacies of shipping heavy equipment. Whether you’re shipping auto parts to another state, or regularly transport heavy commercial equipment, it is crucial to find a proper...

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5 Key Freight Shipping Terms You Should Know

For individual shippers and small businesses, freight shipping terms can be confusing. There is a huge variety of different words and abbreviations, and it's hard to memorize them all. If you are shipping freight, there are a few key terms you should know. Being aware of the correct meaning of...

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How to Handle Freight Damage

Whether you are shipping an appliance to another state or regularly ship commercial freight, errors happen. At some point in your shipping experience, you may find yourself dealing with freight damage or loss. While it is not a pleasant thing to handle, you can minimize the frustration of shipment damage....

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How To File A Freight Claim?

Even if your shipping strategy is perfect, and you are using a good shipping provider, sometimes freight damage is difficult to avoid. There are different reasons why your load may suffer damage upon arrival, like multiple handling, inconvenient packaging, extreme weather, etc. Of course, this might not happen to you,...

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Shipping Produce: Best Practices for Produce Shipping Season

Winter is known to be a harvesting season, and springtime traditionally marks the start of the fresh produce shipping season. Most fruit and vegetable farmers and importers start to look for the capacity to distribute their products across the country when the demand for fresh produce greatly increases. Grocery stores,...

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What Are The Four Freight Shipping Seasons?

What are the freight shipping seasons? Each year in freight, shipping is different. There are many market fluctuations and external conditions that affect the supply and demand in which the freight shipping industry relies heavily on. Traditionally, the year of freight shipping is divided into different seasons. Freight brokers, shippers,...

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Small Businesses Reopening: How to Get Back On Track

There is a lot of controversy around the topic of reopening the US economy and how to handle the pandemic further. One way or another, we are going to return to our regular life in a short time. Many small businesses already have a carte blanche for reopening and getting...

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What Are the Types of Freight Carriers?

In freight shipping, it can be challenging to understand all the different types of modes and services. One of the key things that shippers are usually interested in is the shipping cost. While there are some main factors that determine it, there are also minor factors that have an impact...

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