Riley Jerow, Author at GoShip: Online Shipping Platform

Best Way to Ship Electronics: Tips and Best Practices

Over the years, electronics have become a mainstay in different homes across the globe, as they save time and effort. However, the tables turn differently when it comes to shipping them from one location to another because the process can sometimes be highly demanding and time-consuming, especially when handling heavy electronics. Unlike other regular items, such as […]

How To Successfully Sell Your Heavy Equipment Online

Selling heavy equipment online is not a simple process. If you are dealing with this type of business on a regular basis, you know that it might take a long time to get the item sold, a lot of effort to finalize the deal, and careful consideration to properly ship it. Heavy equipment is a specialized, narrow market. There aren’t many people ready to buy heavy pieces of equipment for hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you have a few interested customers, the sale could be a long process, which makes sellin