Here at GoShip, we know how important it is for your shipment to arrive safely at its destination. We want our customers to have the best experience possible when shipping with us, and that’s why we have freight insurance options available to you. It’ll guarantee your goods are covered in any circumstances and facilitate the process of filing a freight claim. 

What is freight insurance? 

Freight insurance gives freight protection in case of loss or damage. Unlike freight liability, it suggests full coverage for your shipment regardless of the causes of the damage. Having freight insurance simplifies the refund process and saves time and stress. 

How can freight insurance help me? 

Adding freight insurance to your shipment gives you many benefits. Here are the top reasons to get protection for your freight: 

  • 100% protection of your cargo and its value 
  • Claims are paid within 30 days compared to 9 months without insurance 
  • You don’t have to prove the carrier’s fault 
  • All the paperwork is completed for you by our insurance provider 

Adding insurance can help guarantee a fast and easy delivery process. Thanks to our service and partners, the claims process is easy in the case of damage or loss. 

How much does freight insurance cost? 

Since every freight shipment differs, our partners offer coverage solutions for each customer. It means that the final cost of your freight insurance is based on item type, weight, and more. The insurance purchase option is available at the checkout, so you will see the price during the last step of booking a shipment. 

Please note a list of items excluded from the insurance coverage. The list includes bills, cash, mobile phones, precious metals, works of art worth more than $20,000 per piece, perishables, hazardous materials, alcohol, animals, plants, and vehicles. See the complete list of non-covered items

Shipment insurance purchased through GoShip will ensure your shipping safety. Get a free quote and add the insurance at the checkout to get started with our services today. 

Filing freight claims 

GoShip is proud to partner with Falvey Insurance Group to provide our customers with full-coverage all-risk freight claims insurance. Be sure to follow the instructions below to file your freight claim with Falvey and have your issue resolved ASAP. 

How to file a freight claim? 

You must file a notice of any freight claims in a timely manner. File a claim with Falvey at their website and complete and send a Notice of Damage letter to your carrier. Falvey coverage is primary coverage, so you will only need to file a claim with Falvey. Then, a completed claim file will send automated notices when completed. 

Be sure to make sure the following is valid: 

  • Full name of claim point of contact 
  • Phone number 
  • Email 

Reporting limits 

The Insured will complete a Falvey Shippers Insurance claim form for notice of non-delivery or damage within not more than nine (9) months from the date of delivery. And in the event of damaged freight claims, and not more than nine (9) months from the date of the bill of lading in the event of a loss. Failure to do so will void any claim. 

The Insured will file a written notice of loss or damage with the carrier within the carrier’s claim reporting period. But in no event shall such notification exceed nine (9) months for notice of failed delivery or damage or exceed nine (9) months from the date of the bill of lading in the event of a loss. Failure to do so will void any claim. 

In the event of delay in opening packages at the insured destination, any damage discovered upon opening which can reasonably attribute to have occurred during the insured voyage and adjusted following all other provisions of this policy, provided that the delay, in the beginning, does not exceed 15 days from the date of arrival at the insured destination. It is a condition of this insurance that packages showing evidence of damage at the time of arrival at the insured destination will be opened and checked for cracks. 

First notice of loss documentation 

The following is a list of required documents: 

  • Completed notification of the freight claim to the respective carrier involved (using the Falvey Notice of Damage to Carrier template) 
  • Bill of lading 
  • Signed delivery receipt/transportation carrier’s confirmation of failed delivery 
  • Invoice 
  • Packing list 
  • Freight invoice 
  • Photos of the goods and packaging before shipment, if available. 
  • Pictures of the goods and packaging taken after delivery 
  • Itemized repair invoice 

Sometimes, the adjuster may request additional paperwork. 

Freight claims process overview 

  • Freight Claims report directly to Falvey with supporting documentation via Falvey’s Online Portal. This portal is available 24/7. 
  • A claimant must notify the respective transporting carrier of a potential loss using Falvey’s Notice of Damage to Carrier template. 
  • Claims are set up, assigned to a claim handler, and accepted within 24 hours of the report. 
  •  If they require extra documents, provide an overview of this detail at the time of the acknowledgment of the claim. 
  • The goal of the claims team is to refund you once all documents necessary for the claim have been received. 
  • Upon payment, Falvey’s Recoveries Team handles subrogation against Carriers. 

How to file a freight claim? 

Please include the following information with your freight claim: 

  • Bill of Lading 
  • Delivery Receipt / Proof of Delivery 
  • Copy of Original Invoice 
  • Repair invoice (cost/labor) in case the product needs repair/re-work 
  • Disposition of material (available for check, returned with the carrier, etc.) 
  • Photos of damaged merchandise and packaging material. 
  • Any extra information that is necessary to verify the request. 

Tips for filing freight claims 

Firstly, always inspect the cargo. Moreover, make sure the shrink wrap is intact. Ensure that the packaging material does not have signs of damage (water, crushed, torn, etc.) 

If the shrink wrap is not intact, please mark this on the Delivery Receipt. Sometimes the Delivery Receipt has a box in the lower left corner asking if the shrink wrap is entire. 

When damage/shortage occurs, please make a note on the Delivery Receipt, and take photos of the damaged merchandise. For example, “boxes of item 254258 damaged/crushed”, “coils have chain damaged/chain protectors were not used,” etc. If possible, open all boxes while the driver is at your facility and make notes on the Delivery Receipt. 

In case of damage, contact the carrier right away. 

Then, take pictures of the damaged product from every angle with and without flash. Include close-up and wide-angled photos of your damaged product to help the insurer assess the scale of the damage. 

Importantly, do not dispose of the packaging material. If the carrier decides to inspect the product, the packaging will determine if the damage to the product corresponds to the damages to the containers. 

Moreover, please move the damaged product to a safe location. The consignee has to keep damaged merchandise and shipping containers until they resolve the demand. 

Finally, send all the information to the carrier’s claims department. 

How to discover freight damage? 

Typically, supply chain members discover visible freight damage/shortage at the delivery, while reporting concealed damage/shortage happens after delivery. 

  • Firstly, take photos of the damaged merchandise and contact the carrier immediately to report damages. 
  • Report Concealed Damage/Shortage claim to the carrier within five days of delivery. Also, report your concealed damage claim to the carrier immediately. 
  • Then, take pictures of the product from every angle with and without flash. Include close-up and wide-angled photos of your product to help the insurer assess the scale of the damage. 
  • Please do not dispose of the packaging material so you can return it. 
  • Please move the damaged merchandise to a safe location. Besides, the consignee has to keep damaged merchandise and shipping containers to resolve the claims. 
  • The last step is to send all claim information to the carrier’s claims department. 

Are you filing a freight claim? 

If you haven’t purchased the all-risk freight insurance, you can still file a damage claim through the carrier you selected by following these steps: 

  • Firstly, select your carrier from the list below and complete the claims form. 
  • Include any requested paperwork, such as the Bill of Lading or Proof of Delivery. 
  • If the product is repairable, attach a copy of the repair quote. 
  • However, if the product is salvageable, attach a copy of the salvage/scrap value. 
  • Finally, submit the claim paperwork per the carrier’s instructions. 

What happens next? 

  • The carrier needs to accept the claim within 30 days. Once the carrier receives and agrees with the claim, they will assign their claim number to the file. 
  • Per the law, the carrier has 120 days to respond with an approval or denial of the claim. 
Carrier NameDamage FormEmailPhoneFax
A Duie PyleA Duie Pyle claim formclaimsdept@aduiepyle.com610-696-5800610-696-2693
AAA CooperAAA Cooper claim formcargoclaims@aaacooper.com334-793-2284855-263-6298
ABF Freight SystemABF Freight System claim formcargoclaims@abf.com479-785-8741479-785-8800
Averitt ExpressAveritt Express claim formcargoclaims@averittexpress.com800-283-7488931-520-2799
Central FreightCentral Freight claim formclaims@centralfreight.com254-741-5227254-741-5295
Clear Lane Freight SystemsClear Lane Freight Systems claim formclaims@clearlanefreight.com317-759-8346317-759-8347
Dayton FreightDayton Freight claim formclaims@daytonfreight.com937-264-4060937-890-4846
Dependable HwyDependable Hwy claim formdependableclaims@godependable.com800-924-4744
DohrnDohrn claim formclaims@dohrn.com800-747-0723309-794-1693
DOT-LINE TransportationDOT-LINE Transportation claim form323-780-9010323-780-1552
DuganDugan claim formclaims@dugantruckline.com316-616-9396316-616-9386
Estes ExpressEstes Express claim formclaims@estes-express.com804-353-1900 ext. 2030804-232-1407
FedEx EconomyFedEx Economy claim formfile.claim@fedex.com800-463-3339877-229-4766
FedEx PriorityFedEx Priority claim formfile.claim@fedex.com800-463-3339877-229-4766
Fort TransportationFort Transportationclaims@shipwithfort.com920-563-0800920-563-0801
Forward AirForward Air claim form423-636-3380423-783-9019
Old DominionOld Dominionclaims@odfl.com800-825-6636336-822-5494
Pitt-OhioPitt-Ohio claim formeclaims@pittohio.com800-366-7488412-232-0321
RIST TransportRIST Transport315-789-8871315-789-0424
Roadrunner Freight SystemsRoadrunner Freight Systems claim formclaims@rrts.com414-615-1500414-615-1529
SaiaSaia claim formclaimimaging@saia.com800-950-7242 ext. 2300985-857-2356
SoutheasternSoutheastern claim formLGunter@sefl.com803-794-7300
Southwestern MotorSouthwestern Motor claim formclaims@smtl.com800-531-1071210-515-5592
Standard ForwardingStandard Forwarding claim formcargoclaims@standardforwarding.com800-447-2012
TForce FreightTForce Freight claim form888-653-9720866-580-1944
USF HollandUSF Hollandclaims@hollandregional.com616-395-5000866-510-1294
USF ReddawayUSF Reddawayclaims@reddaway.com503-885-5500503-885-5559
R and L CarriersR and L Carriers claim formcargoclaims@rlc.com937-283-3721937-283-8958
Ward Transport & LogisticsWard Transport & Logistics claim formclaims@wardtlc.com800-458-3625
XPO LogisticsXPO Logistics claim formClaims.LTLCDC@xpo.com844-742-5976888-846-4694
Xpress Global Systems Inc.Xpress Global Systems Inc. claim formxgsclaimsgroup@xgsi.com844-947-7447423-602-2258
YRCYRC claim form800-610-6500866-840-5691