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Don’t have time to compare thousands of quotes from LTL carriers? At GoShip, we make quoting LTL freight shipments easier than ever with our online self-service tools. Get an instant quote and list of competitive shipping rates from our contract carriers with the touch of a button. GoShip helps you plan, execute, and manage your shipping needs.

LTL Freight meaning

LTL freight shipping is a transportation method when your shipment only takes part of the carrier’s trailer. Carriers stack freight into a trailer with shipments from other businesses using pallets, crates, and large boxes. This makes less-than-truckload a reliable, flexible, and cost-efficient solution for shippers with smaller amounts to send.

When to use LTL freight services?

LTL freight shipping is a great and cost-efficient way to move goods, but it is not quite for everyone. LTL shipping is perfect for you, if:

Your shipment is beyond parcel size limits. If your freight is larger than standard parcels but fits on a few pallets or crates, it is a perfect option for LTL shipment. Typically, less-than-truckload shipments will include from 1 to 7 pallets of freight.

You can pack and load freight by yourself. LTL carriers often expect you to have the shipment fully prepared before loading. It is best to pack and secure your freight so that either you or the agent can load the freight into the trailer.

You understand the time specifics of LTL freight shipping. Depending on the destination and route, LTL transit times can take 2-5 days on average because it involves shipments from multiple shippers moving to different places.

Benefits of LTL freight shipping with GoShip 

LTL freight shipping can be highly beneficial and cost-efficient. If you are using the right service, it works even better. Generally, LTL shipping lets you:

  • Save costs
  • Easily book and track shipments
  • Choose from a variety of carriers

How GoShip makes increases customer experience 

  • Instant LTL shipping Quotes

With GoShip, you can easily access and compare hundreds of quotes from different carriers through our user-friendly interface. That means you don’t have to request the price and wait for a response from multiple carriers. All you need to do is enter basic shipment information and pick your carrier!

Get a freight quote.

  • LTL carrier network 

Our online shipping platform has a vast network of experienced carriers, so you don’t have to search for shipping providers.

Online billing and invoicing

You don’t have to worry about invoicing since GoShip provides all the paperwork online. We also audit extra charges for additional services and notify you about any payment changes. If any payment issue occurs, we provide customer support.

Insurance options

Sometimes, carrier liability is not enough to guarantee goods’ safety. We care about your shipments and provide a reliable freight insurance option. We partner with Falvey Insurance Group, industry professionals that help our customers with all required paperwork.

How to ship LTL freight?

It is easy to ship freight with our online shipping platform. GoShip’s proprietary technology takes your shipment information, such as the weight and dimensions of your freight class. It references our carrier network to match you with the best trucks for your shipping needs. We use multiple carriers coupled with the best practices available to provide you with the most accurate LTL quote.

You can also choose services such as liftgate, inside delivery, residential delivery, etc. This makes the shipping process faster and allows you to control your shipment in real time with transparent tracking and updates.

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