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LTL Freight

Don’t have time to compare thousands of quotes from LTL carriers? Let us do it for you! At GoShip.com, we make quoting LTL freight shipments easier than ever with our self-service online tools. Get an instant quote and list of competitive shipping rates from our contract carriers with the touch of a button. GoShip.com helps you plan, execute, and manage your shipping needs.

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What is LTL Freight?

LTL freight shipping is a transportation method when your freight takes only a part of carrier’s trailer. LTL, of less-than-truckload, is a reliable and cost-efficient solution for shippers who have small amounts of goods. It is more flexible than full truckload and offers many benefits to individual shippers and small businesses.

Also, LTL shipping is for multiple shippers to share truck space. This means that it’s the most cost-efficient way to ship your larger-than-parcels items without the cost of a full trailer. The remaining space is filled by other companies, each only having to pay for a portion of the trailer being used.

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 Benefits of LTL Freight Shipping 

  • Instantly compare shipping quotes from our trusted carrier network
  • GoShip.com provides you the lowest rates for your LTL shipping needs
  • The self-service design means there’s no need to contact a freight broker to move your LTL load
  •  Whether you’re an experienced supply chain professional or an industry novice, GoShip.com is your one-stop shop for all your LTL transport needs

How does LTL Freight shipping work?

GoShip.com’s proprietary technology takes your shipment information and references our carrier network to match you with the best trucks for your shipping needs. We use multiple best practices to provide you with the best, most accurate LTL quote. This includes assessing liftgate needs, using multiple carriers, and keeping weight and dimension in mind.

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How much does it cost to ship LTL?

LTL carrier’s rates vary based on the freight class and a variety of other factors. Freight class is determined by the density, freight stow-ability, ease of handling, and liability of an LTL shipment. At GoShip.com, we use our freight class calculator to automatically calculate your freight class for you. The distance your LTL load will travel also determines the final cost.

How do I prepare my LTL Shipment?

LTL Shipments are handled numerous times before arriving at their destination.  It’s important to secure your freight onto pallets or crates if possible. This will significantly reduce your chances of damage. To fully prepare your LTL shipment, we recommend referencing our GoShip.com Guide.

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