Specialized Freight Services: Tailored Shipping Solutions

What Are Specialized Freight Shipping Services?

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Jun 05, 2024

Freight carrier shipping is the lifeblood of an extremely wide scope of other industries. Many industries need heavy equipment, machinery details, sensitive or fragile shipments, or bulky cargo shipped carefully and on time. In other words, many companies need freight shipping services that require a more tailored and cautious approach. Additionally, this type of shipping involves specialized freight services.

Which industries require specialized freight services?

Specialized services are used in industrial businesses like oil and gas, mining, metal manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, pharmacies, electronics, and more. In most cases, these businesses require special, specific freight handling because loads are either too large, heavy, fragile, sensitive, or need additional special freight services that regular shipping companies do not provide. Most often, specialized freight includes:

  • Bulk liquids
  • Dry bulk materials
  • Forest products
  • Used household and office goods
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Commercial equipment and manufacturing machinery
  • Military freight
  • Vehicles and auto parts
  • Other specialized freight except for used goods (for example, coal and livestock)

Usually, specialized freight includes mining equipment, large metal details, oilfield exploration machinery, manufacturing equipment, auto parts, fragile items agriculture equipment, and more.

In addition, specialized shipping services provide companies that ship specialized freight and equipment with the ability to transfer their cargo safely.

What are the available special freight services?

There are different special freight services available for proper shipping of specialized freight, and the one that fits you most depends on your product specifics.

Here are a few examples of the most popular special freight services:

  • Expedited delivery is a good option in case your shipment is time-critical and needs to be delivered with no delays. In terms of expedited delivery, the driver won’t make any unnecessary stops and will follow the most optimal route. Also, this specialized freight service works best for arranging last-minute shipments during the busy moving season.

  • Oversize freight shipping often requires booking specific trucks that can properly place and fixate your cargo. Large items transportation undergoes regulation by numerous shipping policies, so it is beneficial to get some help when organizing this type of shipment.

  • Tradeshow shipping is actively used by business owners willing to represent and advertise their products on expos and tradeshows. If you are planning to take part in events like these, you’ll have to bring your items in perfect condition. Additionally, this is where the tradeshow shipping will offer you careful handling and highly secure transportation.

  • White glove service allows you to direct the logistics operations to helpers and concentrate on managing your business. Companies that offer white glove services take care of all the packing, lifting, shifting, and delivery processes. In addition, they can provide aid with assembling and disassembling the shipped items.

  • Furniture shipping service will help you safely move furniture pieces of all sizes. Many furniture units need to be disassembled before shipping, and this specialized freight service can help you properly organize the sequence of packing, loading, and transporting furniture.

  • Temperature-controlled transportation is the number one solution for shipping perishable goods or pharmaceutical products. This service will suggest the advancement reefer shipping so that your temperature-sensitive products undergo delivery in specially equipped containers.

How to transport specialized freight

Shipping specialized freight encompasses different transportation modes and specific vehicles. These special freight transports combine dry van, flatbed trucks, and their subtypes like step-deck and double-deck trailers.

If shipping includes hazardous materials or temperature-sensitive freight, the trailers must adjust and equip to those specifications. It is extremely important to comply with the additional requirements of specialized freight since it is outside standard freight regulations.

Another crucial factor to a successful specialized shipment is to work with a verified shipping service that can connect you with the right carriers for your specific freight.

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