Once you send off a shipment, it may seem like that’s the end of your part of the process. However, if your freight becomes damaged, it can cause you to do even more work – and for the same payment. This can be a huge blow to your profit margin, especially if you tend to […]
 eFulfillment refers to how businesses respond to customer orders. It has a tremendous impact on customer satisfaction and sales generation.   What is eFulfillment?  eFulfillment, short for e-commerce fulfillment, is a process that describes all the steps involved in fulfilling customer orders on e-commerce websites. It involves everything from the point of sales inquiry to the […]
Before Father’s Day 2022, many customers are looking for a unique gift, worrying about its timely and safe delivery. Let us help you organize successful Father’s Day shipping! Challenges of holiday shipping Just like any other holiday, Father’s Day requires you to be ready for proactive shipping and intensified demand for certain types of products. […]
You can overcome all the difficulties of shipping odd-size packages by getting everything in place before you launch the transportation process. What are odd-shaped and sized items? Oddly shaped and sized items don’t fit into a regular rectangular packaging crate, thus creating some additional challenges in preparation for shipping. Long, circular, or cylindrical units require […]
Modern logistics requires manufacturers and retailers to balance under different circumstances, including changing freight shipping rates. Learn how to do it within your budget. Freight shipping rates cycle The customer demand highs and lows drive the nature of freight rates from season to season. These shifts form a complete cycle of pricing policies in the […]
Inventory, also called ‘stock, refers to the complete list of goods and materials that a business holds for future resale or production purposes. Businesses regularly take account of leftover inventory after an accounting period to assign a monetary value to a company’s stock on and determine the profitability of a business.   What is inventory valuation?  […]
The implementation of shipment tracking can significantly benefit your logistics visibility and help you execute necessary improvements. GoShip company does its best to facilitate the shipment tracking procedure and increase supply chain transparency. Benefits of shipment tracking Shipment tracking represents one of the most influential modern supply chain and logistics tools. Today’s wide variety of […]
Fuel is one of the major driving forces in the economy, so a price change will cause economic ripple effects far from the gas pump. Businesses of all sizes require fuel and are, therefore, affected by an increase or decrease in its price. A change in fuel prices affects the operating capital of businesses, especially […]
In business, sustainability refers to the process of conducting business activities in a manner that leaves little to no environmental impact. As a small business owner, improving your brand’s sustainability holds incredible benefits for the environment and your bottom line.    Customers Want to Purchase from Sustainable Companies   Now, more than ever, customers are looking to […]
As a business owner, you are likely always looking for better ways to streamline your daily operations to boost efficiency and customer satisfaction. Thanks to digitalization, we now have a plethora of small business management apps to help automate some of your fundamental day-to-day activities.    Types of Apps for Small Businesses   Utilizing apps in your […]