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Updated 06/03/2024
Booking a freight shipment doesn’t have to be difficult, and online freight quote services like GoShip help simplify the process through our vast network of professional carriers and negotiated freight shipping rates. With GoShip’s rate calculator, you’ll get access to instant truckload freight quotes without having to talk to a freight broker.

When you get a freight quote (in this case, an FTL Quote) from GoShip, you get a list of competitive freight shipping rates within a few clicks! You choose dates, enter basic shipment information, and get an instant list of estimates on the cost for your LTL quote. GoShip provides users with an online bill of lading (BOL), so you’ll never have to stress while delivering your goods. Freight shipping doesn’t have to be difficult, so we provide simple online booking, instant LTL freight quotes and FTL quotes, and affordable shipping services.

What is full truckload freight or FTL?

Full Truckload (AKA: FTL) freight shipping is where shipped goods take up most or all the space in a truck trailer. It is ideal for large shipments exceeding six pallets or weighing more than 43,000 pounds. FTL Shipping is widely favored for its speed and reliability. FTL Shipping uses various types of trucks, like dry vans & refrigerated trailers, to move goods directly from pickup to delivery without intermediate stops, making it faster and safer than its counterpart, LTL shipping. This direct route type of shipping situation significantly reduces the chances of damage and loss, ensuring the goods you are shipping FTL arrive in the same condition they were sent.

GoShip.Com specializes in offering FTL Shipping Quotes, as well as LTL Shipping Services, and we also leverage a vast network of dependable carriers equipped with the necessary trailers to meet your different shipping needs and to get you the freight quote you need. Our FTL shipping quote platform simplifies the process of organizing a shipment; from obtaining quotes to tracking a delivery in real-time, providing a streamlined and efficient experience. With a focus on our shipping customers’ satisfaction, GoShip.Com addresses the challenges of traditional FTL freight shipping by offering a secure, swift, & cost-effective solution for transporting large volumes of goods for many customers like you.

How do I get a Full Truckload Freight Quote / FTL Quote?

With GoShip, you can get a freight shipping quote in no time with these three steps:

Freight Quote Process Step 1: Enter the city or a ZIP code for the pickup and delivery.
Freight Quote Process Step 2: Choose the trailer type you need.
Freight Quote Process Step 3: Get the list of freight rates and choose the pickup date!

Why use GoShip for getting full truckload freight quotes?

We’re here to make the shipping process as simple as possible when you are looking for FTL Quotes. We offer:

Get full truckload quotes with GoShip

GoShip online platform ensures fast and easy shipment booking and offers free truckload quotes. You only have to provide us with the necessary information, and we’ll search for the best shipping deals for you, ensuring a seamless freight shipping quote process..

FTL Freight Shipment information

Let us know the origin, destination, shipping dates, and cargo characteristics so we can provide you with the most accurate FTL freight quote.

Getting an FTL Freight Quote

Choose the truck you need, and we will provide you with a list of instant freight rates for your FTL shipping needs!

Get Full Truckload Quotes with GoShip

GoShip’s online platform revolutionizes the way you book shipments by providing fast and easy access to full truckload (FTL) quotes. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, our system is designed to cater to your specific shipping needs. By entering a few essential details, you can instantly receive free truckload quotes. Our platform searches for the best shipping deals available, ensuring you receive competitive rates. The entire process is streamlined to provide you with a seamless and hassle-free freight shipping quote experience. With GoShip, you can rest assured that your shipment is in good hands from start to finish.

FTL Freight Shipment Information

To provide you with the most accurate and competitive FTL freight quote, we need some key information about your shipment. This includes the origin and destination of your cargo, preferred shipping dates, and detailed cargo characteristics such as weight, dimensions, and type of goods. By supplying this information, you enable us to match your shipment with the best available carriers and rates. Our goal is to ensure your freight reaches its destination safely, on time, and within your budget. Clear communication of these details helps us optimize the shipping process and deliver top-notch service.

Getting an FTL Freight Quote

Once you’ve provided the necessary shipment details, choosing the right truck for your needs is the next step. GoShip offers a range of truck options to accommodate different types of cargo and shipping requirements. Upon selection, our system generates a list of instant freight rates tailored to your specific FTL shipping needs. These FTL rate quotes come from a network of reliable carriers, ensuring you get the best deal available. The instant trucking quote feature saves you time and effort, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly. With GoShip, securing a cost-effective and efficient freight solution is just a few clicks away.

Payment for Full Truckload Freight Quotes

At GoShip, we prioritize your security and convenience when it comes to payment. Our secure web browser ensures that your payment information is protected throughout the transaction process. We offer a straightforward and user-friendly system that allows you to complete your booking with confidence. With instant truckload freight quotes and a simple, affordable payment process, GoShip makes it easy for you to handle your shipping needs efficiently. Our commitment to safety, security, and customer satisfaction sets us apart, making GoShip your trusted partner for all your FTL freight shipping requirements.

Getting a precise full truckload freight or LTL quote has never been easier. Get your free shipping quote right now with GoShip!