LTL Shipping Provider: Key Considerations for Reliable Deliveries

How to Choose the Perfect LTL Shipping Provider

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Jan 03, 2018

Searching for a suitable LTL shipping provider can often be daunting, leaving you overwhelmed. Whether you’re making the change from a bad experience or you’re going to ship for the first time, it can be a challenge.

Why choose an LTL carrier?

Your carrier choice depends on the shipping mode you need to deliver the goods. Less than truckload (LTL) shipping works for you if your items are small and the overall shipment size is moderate. You may also book an LTL shipment to move just a few boxes since they don’t require much trailer space. In both cases, you’ll have to cooperate with an LTL shipping provider that simultaneously serves several retailers and uses their transport unit to locate items from different owners. This shipping type is affordable and usually highly accessible, and if you don’t face strict delivery deadlines, the LTL shipping is a great fit.

How to find a perfect LTL shipping provider?

All carrier companies have their strengths and weaknesses. Many carriers offer similar services with similar pricing, but the shipping rate should not be the only deciding factor. Finding the right LTL shipping provider can mean the difference between deliveries showing up on time and intact or failing the shipping process.

But the best way to find a carrier is word of mouth. Ask around and find out what shipping services other retailers use. You can reach networking groups and sources from local authorities that tried to move their goods with different carriers. Thus, you’ll be able to evaluate the quality of shippers’ performance and build your service expectations. Finally, you may contact the shipping company sales representative and see how compatible they are with your transportation needs.

Another excellent idea is to do your homework online. At this point, the internet is one of your greatest assets. You can research the LTL shipping provider and see what they offer directly. You can see if anyone else has shipped with this carrier and how satisfied they are. As a responsible business owner, you want to ensure the carrier has a good reputation before placing your trust in their hands.

What factors to consider?

It is sometimes challenging to create the image of a perfect LTL shipping provider without knowing the factors that significantly affect their performance. We have compiled a list of things to remember when making your carrier decision.

Are their rates comparable to the industry standards?

The saying is true when you hear “you get what you pay for,” the phrase is accurate. Although LTL shipping is typically inexpensive, a meager price can signify a low-quality service. On the other hand, typical LTL shipping rates don’t have to be too high compared to the average. Ensure the shipping service has a reason for pricing before jumping to an assumption. In some cases, carriers set a higher rate because of additional assistance. Discuss all the cooperation terms in advance and record them in the appropriate paperwork to avoid unexpected charges.

What services do they offer?

Many providers give options such as a front door or loading bay delivery, but some offer additional non-standard services for special requests. It’s good to have your choices open if you have special requirements. Some even give options such as the ability to reserve sealed trailer space (for example, walled-off sections or unique configurations). The need to ask for specific services relies on your cargo characteristics, so ensure to count them when looking for the LTL shipping provider. Please note that not all transportation providers ship hazardous goods or fragile items. Thus, it would help if you mentioned the specific shipment aspect at the beginning of the supply chain cycle.

What region do they cover?

Many providers may not have the reach you need when shipping. It’s essential to verify the carrier you choose can move the goods to their destinations, avoiding shipping disruptions. When one LTL shipping provider can’t complete a distance, they often have to involve another shipper, which is why additional expenses can arrive. Besides increased cost, transferring the load to another carrier results in shipping delays and reduced customer satisfaction. Make sure to view the shipper’s coverage so that you don’t see any surprising costs stack on your bill from a truck transfer.

Do LTL shipping providers guarantee service?

Some providers offer shippers a money-back assurance, often providing a nominal fee. At GoShip, we have thousands of trusted LTL carriers at your disposal. Our LTL experts have done most of the homework for you, so you have fewer things to worry about. If you still want to see who is better for you when you complete your free quote, use our tips to decide on a suitable carrier. GoShip is here to help remove the stress from your shipping while allowing you to stay on budget.

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