Freight shipping is the lifeblood of an extremely wide scope of other industries. Many industries need heavy equipment, machinery details, sensitive or fragile shipments, or bulky cargo shipped carefully and on time. In other words, many companies need freight shipping services that require a more tailored and cautious approach. This type of shipping involves specialized freight services. Which industries require specialized freight services? - Specialized shipping is used in industrial businesses like o
Regardless of the fluctuations in the freight market, there is a relatively stable pattern when it comes to freight shipping seasons. In freight shipping, the year is divided into four parts and is mainly determined by the demand and the business of freight carriers and shippers. Understanding freight seasons can help you accurately predict demand and prepare for the challenges of every season. Here we will talk about the peak season of shipping and how to prepare your logistics operations for it. ![Get a Q
What is a wooden pallet? - The pallet is a flat structure used for transporting freight. Wooden pallets are simply platforms of a standard pallet size that are the most common type of packaging in freight shipping. There are different types of pallets, but they are mostly made of either wood or plastic. The freight is usually secured or tied to the pallet and then stacked into the trailer. Pallets are mostly used to attach and secure already packaged freight. This way, the carrier can load a full trailer a
The freight shipping industry is saturated with many shipping terms that are sometimes confusing even to experienced shippers. One such term is the FOB acronym, which stands for free (or freight) on board. It is a widely used term in the industry, however, not everyone knows the accurate meaning and definition. A lack of understanding of certain industry abbreviations or terms can cost you time and money. FOB is one of the rarely recognized terms in freight shipping, yet is still important. What is FOB in
What is end-to-end visibility in the supply chain? - Supply chain visibility means having access to all processes and products involved in the supply chain. It includes transparency and real-time visibility into shipments, inventory, transactions, operations, payments, etc. Generally, supply chain visibility is the ability to track and trace everything that goes on in the supply chain from manufacturing to the end customer. In a current business environment, having visibility enables businesses to have con
Shipping heavy items like large equipment, machinery, or auto parts can be quite challenging. Before diving into the heavy equipment shipping process, you should understand the intricacies of shipping heavy equipment. Whether you’re shipping auto parts to another state, or regularly transport heavy commercial equipment, it is crucial to choose the right transportation mode, find a proper shipping partner, choose convenient freight insurance, and apply the best practices for a smooth shipping experience. ![i
SAN FRANCISCO, March 31, 2021 – GoShip, a digital freight shipping platform, has partnered with TaskRabbit, the global network that connects people who need help with “Taskers” to handle tasks such as packing, moving, and more. The two leaders in the service industry have partnered to provide a smarter and more accessible all-in-one shipping solution. Customers can now go online and within a few keystrokes, have movers, packers, and a freight truck show up at their doors. “After listening to feedback from o
Moving season is just around the corner, marking a busy period for many people and moving companies. While any move can be stressful, moving cross country is usually perceived as the most stressful type of move because it can be accompanied by many additional burdens and costs. There are so many things to keep track of while trying to maintain your budget. If you are new to the moving process, it may be helpful to learn important moving terms so you can have a better understanding of what you need to do to
Temperature-controlled shipping is a critical part of the global supply chain ecosystem, as it is the primary way of distributing perishables like food and medicine. In fact, reefers, or refrigerated trucks, handle 90% of all food distributed through the US. With the produce season quickly approaching and the massive rollout of vaccines, we have gathered the best practices for managing your cold shipping. ![image] (
Springtime traditionally marks the start of the shipping season for fresh produce. Peaking in late spring, loads of fresh produce start filling shipping lanes from southern states. Most fruit and vegetable farmers, as well as importers, start to look for the capacity to distribute their products across the country when the demand for fresh produce greatly increases. Grocery stores, supermarkets, and restaurants need seasonal fruit and veggies to sustain their businesses. Refrigerated capacity is normally ti