The rapid development of AI in supply chain in the last decade has made moving packages from one end of the globe to the other more seamless than ever.  From virtual assistants, robotics, analytics, and autonomous vehicles, AI technology has provided sophisticated solutions to supply chain and logistics operations around the globe. What can AI offer businesses and e-commerce?  - With the volume of data entering the supply chain every day, AI computing technology has the potential to shift business trends
Suppliers and eCommerce managers are all too familiar with coordinating with logistics hubs, yet there is still a lot of ambiguity surrounding these facilities. Find out what exactly occurs in a logistics hub and how they function to optimize your supply chain. What is a Logistics Hub? - Logistics hubs act as linking points that facilitate the efficient flow of goods. Contrary to what most people think, logistics hubs aren’t only used for storage. They’re also the center for the manufacturing, assembly,
In this fast-paced world, everyone is seeking quick and reliable delivery services. According to a survey, 64.3% of online shoppers expect cost-effective or free and fast delivery of goods. Likewise, business owners are also trying to provide their customers with the best ecommerce shipping options. When it comes to shipping freight, business owners need to know their margins when estimating and analyzing shipping prices. Use a shipping cost calculator to help you save time and continue gaining profits in t
An embargo is any event or government restriction that prevents commerce or exchange (import or export) of freight to another country or state.  Embargo can be applied to goods including: -Services -Products -Currency Embargo in freight shipping can be imposed in any context (war or peace), as it covers all aspects of economic activity and trade. Generally, embargoes do not apply to the exchange of all goods. A specific embargo is usually applied to certain categories of transpor
Just as important as developing your products and tweaking your online store, establishing a clear eCommerce shipping strategy is a critical step to jumpstart a growing business.  What is eCommerce shipping?  - eCommerce shipping is more than fast delivery and free shipping. It encompasses all the services from marketing your product down to delivery and fulfillment, and everything in between.  The most successful online merchants use strategic eCommerce shipping strategies to set themselves apart from t
Freight shipping is the lifeblood of an extremely wide scope of other industries. Many industries need heavy equipment, machinery details, sensitive or fragile shipments, or bulky cargo shipped carefully and on time. In other words, many companies need freight shipping services that require a more tailored and cautious approach. This type of shipping involves specialized freight services. Which industries require specialized freight services? - Specialized shipping is used in industrial businesses like o
Regardless of the fluctuations in the freight market, there is a relatively stable pattern when it comes to freight shipping seasons. In freight shipping, the year is divided into four parts and is mainly determined by the demand and the business of freight carriers and shippers. Understanding freight seasons can help you accurately predict demand and prepare for the challenges of every season. Here we will talk about the peak season of shipping and how to prepare your logistics operations for it. ![Get a Q
What is a wooden pallet? - The pallet is a flat structure used for transporting freight. Wooden pallets are simply platforms of a standard pallet size that are the most common type of packaging in freight shipping. There are different types of pallets, but they are mostly made of either wood or plastic. The freight is usually secured or tied to the pallet and then stacked into the trailer. Pallets are mostly used to attach and secure already packaged freight. This way, the carrier can load a full trailer a
The freight shipping industry is saturated with many shipping terms that are sometimes confusing even to experienced shippers. One such term is the FOB acronym, which stands for free (or freight) on board. It is a widely used term in the industry, however, not everyone knows the accurate meaning and definition. A lack of understanding of certain industry abbreviations or terms can cost you time and money. FOB is one of the rarely recognized terms in freight shipping, yet is still important. What is FOB in
What is end-to-end visibility in the supply chain? - Supply chain visibility means having access to all processes and products involved in the supply chain. It includes transparency and real-time visibility into shipments, inventory, transactions, operations, payments, etc. Generally, supply chain visibility is the ability to track and trace everything that goes on in the supply chain from manufacturing to the end customer. In a current business environment, having visibility enables businesses to have con