Affordable Coast-to-Coast Furniture Transport: Top Tips

The Best Way To Ship Furniture Across Country

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Nov 21, 2023

Did you just purchase a new couch? Are you a furniture manufacturer or retailer distributing your goods throughout the country? Or did you just plan a big move? Regardless of the purpose, it all comes down to one question: how to ship furniture across the country? Whether you just want to ship furniture without breaking the budget, or if you sell it, you’re probably searching for the best way to shipping furniture.

How to ship furniture across the country?

There are various ways of shipping furniture across the country, and all of them differ in price, time, and efforts needed. Depending on the size and type of your goods, you can ship them via regular parcel service, or maybe you’ve considered moving it on your own. However, parcel shipping services can give highly-priced rates for shipping over-sized items, and managing do-it-yourself transportation can be a long burdensome process. Chances are, you will need the help of a professional shipping service to figure out how to ship furniture in the most cost-efficient way. There are many online, LTL shipping services that offer furniture moving services, along with large items.

What is the best way to ship furniture?

To start with, using an online shipping solution like can save you tons of time. Most online services offer a free shipment calculator that allows you to get approximate rates instantly and arrange everything online.

Online services like use partnerships with various less-than-truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) carriers. This means that your furniture is moved like freight, in a truck, but doesn’t take up all of the space. The main point of LTL shipping is that multiple shipments are combined in one truckload, and the whole transportation cost is split between all the shippers. This lets you save money and time while being sure your shipment will arrive at the proper destination. If you have a lot of furniture to move, or if you are a furniture manufacturer that needs regular shipping services, full truckload shipping might be an option, too.

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How to ship furniture with the online shipping platform?

To arrange a smooth, seamless furniture shipment, you’ll need a proper plan. Providing information about the shipment is the first step. Make sure you provide accurate measurements, weight, dimensions, etc. Effectively measuring your shipment is the first step in ensuring a successful shipment and getting accurate rates for your freight. Packing is extremely important for furniture shipping, so take some time to provide the best possible protection for your pieces. It is recommended to take apart all removable parts and pack them separately. Also, if you have additional questions or requirements, it’s better to discuss all the details in advance with your shipping company. The only thing left is to choose the shipping service.

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After all, proper shipping solutions can help you avoid stress and save costs on shipping. Need to ship furniture? provides you with professional help on furniture shipping. Get a free full truckload or LTL quote today!

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