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Carrier Reliability Score

March 31, 2022 – GoShip, a digital shipping platform, introduces the innovative logistics tool providing a carrier reliability score.

What is the carrier reliability score?

GoShip only provides certified carriers to ensure maximum logistics efficiency. In addition, we strive to protect your company from potential loss and customer dissatisfaction at the lowest possible rates.

The Carrier Reliability Score is our proprietary measurement, which gives supply chain managers an insight into the reliability of a carrier. By assigning points to each successful load up to 100%, we can understand how well this particular carrier will perform when you select them as your transport provider. This way, even if two carriers are comparable in price, you’ll know which one has been more dependable and reliable so far. Knowing this information about reliable scores allows you to make the best choice for your business when meeting deadlines and budgets.

How to see the reliability score?

You can access the carrier reliability score after completing the quoting process on GoShip’s website. Viewing this information is free. You need to fill out the primary shipment data to reach the record of carriers. On the right of your order summary, you’ll see the list of mowing companies with their actual rates and reliability score presented in percentages.

About GoShip

Founded in 2017, GoShip is an innovative digital freight shipping platform. GoShip has partnered with thousands of professional carriers to ensure customers get the best rate.

With countless transportation companies in the market, GoShip differentiated itself with the lowest truckload and LTL shipping rates compared to other major competitors. Thus, our users can quickly get a free quote and book their shipment.

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