Online Shipping Platform: Tips and Tricks on using GoShip |

Online Shipping Platform: Tips and Tricks on using GoShip

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Jun 16, 2017

GoShip is an online shipping platform that connects you to carriers with extra truck space. We made a list of 4 essential tips to help you prepare your package or pallet when you ship with us. These tips help you avoid unnecessary worry, higher costs, and inconveniences.

Shipping freight is a daunting task when you don’t take the proper steps to prepare your package or pallet. There are uncertainties ranging from understanding the types of packages to the logistics of delivery.

#1 – Accuracy is key when using online shipping

It’s important to provide accurate information about your freight whenever you use the GoShip Self-Service Platform. You need the exact dimensions and weight to define a class for your package or pallet. It saves you the hassle of changing your shipment type. And carriers will know what to expect when picking up your shipment.

Weight, dimensions and other factors determine shipping rates. We’re here for you whenever you need help with these calculations.

#2 – Proper Packaging for online shipping

Protect your packages and pallets from any damage

Knowing how to properly package your shipment helps protect contents from damage. First, choose the correct container for your products. Never exceed the container’s maximum gross weight for your chosen container. Proper packaging reduces damage to both your shipments and others in the truck.

Recommendations for a Safe Transport of Your Products when you use online shipping

Whether you’re shipping fragile contents or not, every package needs some form of damage protection. Damages come from dropping, compression, temperature changes, humidity, and air pressure. Here are some preventative measures to save your package and reduce the risk of damage:

  • Cushioning protects the insides of your package. When you ship multiple goods inside one package, think about using box-in-box packaging or individually wrapping each item. This saves more space than shipping multiple packages and can reduce costs and damage.
  • Minimize empty space.  The better fit the container is for the goods shipped, the less room there is for contents to move. If contents move during shipping, the risk of damage increases.
  • Pack with quality materials.  The quality of your box, cushioning, and packing tape matter. Inspect the quality of all of these items before you ship your package.

LTL drivers do not provide straps for shipments to strap items to the pallet/handling unit. It’s your responsibility to prepare the shipment for the rigors of travel (shrink wrap, strapping, edge protectors, cushioning, etc.). The driver secures the pallet/handling unit to the trailer as required for safe travel.

Will you stack it on a pallet? Pallets are a great space saver for shipments. However, they do little good if the weight of the contents isn’t distributed evenly. Place heavier packages in the middle of pallets or on opposing corners of other heavier packages.

Stack each package as close as possible when you prepare your pallet for shipping and delivery. The packages should have similar dimensions. Finally, make sure nothing hangs off the pallet and the pallet is not stacked too high.

When you book a shipment with the GoShip self-service shipping platform, we guide you through the steps and help you properly package your load.

#3 – Shipment Labeling

You need to label your shipment appropriately to ensure successful delivery. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Remove old labels.
  • Always place a label at the top of the box.
  • Use only one address label to avoid confusion.
  • Create a duplicate label and place it inside the package for more protection.

#4 – Handling Shipping and Receiving

It’s easy when you use the GoShip online shipping

When you give us the origin and destination of your shipment, you need to provide as many details as possible. We need to know the following:

  1. Exactly where it’s going.
  2. If there are any special delivery requests such as if an appointment is required. Also, are you shipping hazardous materials or do you need to protect the shipment from freezing in the winter? Check any applicable details and instructions.
  3. The specific point of contact for the pickup and delivery. Also, don’t forget to mention if the shipping points have loading docks or if liftgates are required. If you’re unsure about your shipping and receiving needs, we can help finalize your shipment when you use our online shipping platform.

We provide all the steps you need to ensure safe delivery. These 4 tips will help you prepare your package or pallet for your next shipment. Avoid unnecessary worry, and save time and money every time you ship.

GoShip is an online shipping platform that connects you to carriers with extra truck space. Log on now to get a free quote and get started on your next shipment.

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