How to Safely Prepare Your LTL Freight Shipment

Some people may not be familiar with the proper way to prepare a freight shipment. It is very important to properly package and prepare your shipment to help save you future costs of damaged or lost goods and keep customers happy and satisfied. Knowing how to prepare your shipment with a new carrier when you’re a small, new business can be overwhelming and scary. Today we will help you gain a better understanding of proper and secure shipping techniques.


Whenever you are shipping your LTL freight, it is important to keep in mind that your product will be on a truck with many other products. Carriers pack their trucks according to size and shape to save time and money. It is recommended to pack most of your shipments onto standard crates or pallets to keep within square and rectangular dimensions. Let’s take a closer look at steps you can take to properly pack your shipment in the most cost-effective way possible.


Step One:

The first step you want to take in packing your supplies is in choosing the right pallet for your needs. You want a pallet large and sturdy enough so that your supplies fit properly on the pallet.


Step Two:

You will want to consider the best way to stack your products or supplies on the pallet itself. Depending on what you are shipping, the best way to do this is by purchasing angular cartons that can be stacked in an interlocking/column method. If you are shipping with bags, you will want to stack them as best as you can with a cardboard protector on top and on bottom.


Step Three:

Before you send your shipment, you will want to secure the stacked cartons or bags to the pallet. You can do this by using strapping or stretch wrapping. This will prevent pieces from getting lost or separated from the load.


Step Four:

Before you ship your item, you want to include the address of the company or person your shipment is going to. The more visible and clear your labeling is, the better chance your package will have a smooth delivery.


Once your shipment is all ready to go, you will need to find the best carrier for your shipment. Using a shipping service list can help your package get from point A to point B safely and securely.

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