3 Tips for the Busy Moving Season

It’s mid-September, and the busy shipping season is in full swing! While this month is more known for back to school and the start of fall, now is the perfect time to book shipments, whether you’re moving equipment or from one city to another. But before you start packing up and searching for the best rates, there are some important factors you should consider.

3 tips for the busy moving season

1. Start by Cleaning!

If you’re planning a personal move, the first step isn’t packing, it’s deciding what to bring with you! We all have plenty of useless trinkets, and it’s best to declutter and get rid of these before moving. Not only will reduce your belongings’ overall weight and reduce shipping costs, but with less stuff, you’ll save time moving too!

2. Packaging

Most shipping providers will ask you to pack your things yourself, so it’s best to provide secure packaging and avoid any damage during loading and transit. The best tools for packaging are pallets, crates, boxes, and cardboards. Using protective foam, paper and tapes will also help make your load less prone to damage.

3. Find a Reliable Shipping Service

For most shipments, doing everything on your own is a bad idea. You’ll be able to avoid most of the risk and hassle by using a shipping service! By tapping into a partner’s expertise and resources, your shipment will be easier for you to manage, making moving a breeze. GoShip’s innovative shipping platform matches customers with carriers best suited for the job at the best price possible. If you’re planning on moving or shipping during this busy transit season, book with GoShip for the best rates!

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