Selecting a Moving Company: Your Guide to Stress-Free Relocation

How To Choose a Moving Company: Helpful Tips

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Apr 17, 2019

Moving to a new place can feel overwhelming. Having to plan many operations, people often overlook the process of choosing a suitable moving company. However, a reliable moving company can ensure the effectiveness and safety of your delivery.

Moving challenges

If you have ever moved out to a new location, you know how exhausting and stressful it can be. From packing your stuff to dealing with the final bill, moving can be a time-consuming and challenging process. Besides sorting out your items and picking a suitable packaging, you have to consider the best possible way to deliver them to your new residence.

Many movers make a huge mistake when trying to arrange a relocation on their own. Primarily, this happens because they don’t know how to choose a moving company. A do-it-yourself move-out can rarely be a pleasant process. However, when you use external help, it can result in a smooth and positive shipping experience. There are many moving companies and services on the market, and you should research before selecting the one that is best for you.

How to choose a reliable moving company?

When picking a moving company, it’s vital to count several essential factors that contribute to the safe transportation of your belongings.

Validity check/moving scams

Speaking facts, nearly 3,000 Americans annually suffer from moving scams and fraud. To avoid such an experience, check companies and services accordingly. If the browser reflects the website as insecure, the validity of such a shipping service is questionable. The interface of a reliable shipping platform should look well-organized and contain all the data you’d potentially need.

Also, pay attention to the physical address and phone numbers. A good moving company must provide contact information and location details that you can quickly check in Google Maps. Typically, it must be easy to find pictures of a moving service on the Internet.

Another critical concern is meager prices and demand for a deposit. Although cheap and all-inclusive shipping might catch your eye, in most cases, you’ll either end up paying much more or will experience the worth fraud scenario. Before booking a company, and especially paying any money in advance, make sure you deal with a reputable service.

Accurate price estimate

Most shipping services offer quotes and estimates so that you can assume an approximate delivery price. However, avoiding any pleads about precise and rigid numbers would be best. It isn’t easy to estimate all of your goods without accurate measurements, and we’re not even talking about additional services that can add extra charges. For example, you might need assistance handling your cargo during loading/unloading, packing, reassembling, etc.

When using online shipping services, you can see and track what services you choose and the price before booking. You should pack, measure, and adequately describe your shipments to get the most realistic shipping rates. Precise measurements will significantly facilitate the moving process and prevent you from unwanted expenses.


Another significant concern when choosing a moving service is insurance and protection. You need to know about protecting your goods: carrier liability and full-coverage insurance are different things. Since shipping services partner with many carriers, everyone has tariffs and liability amounts. In most cases, this amount will not cover the total value of your goods and doesn’t guarantee a refund in unexpected situations like bad weather conditions.

Then, you can buy shipping insurance, and if it covers your goods, you are protected. When your items’ value exceeds the offered amount of the carrier’s liability, you can’t rely on a full reimbursement in case of damage. Besides being a guarantor of your financial security during the moving process, full freight insurance allows you to file a claim more straightforwardly.


Customer feedback and reviews are the most obvious things to check, no matter what service you choose. You can learn valuable information about the moving company’s reliability, popularity, and pricing from feedback and comments. Sometimes, an independent opinion can help you find a solution to your moving inquiries.

Simultaneously, when reading customer feedback, you’ll face negative reviews and low rankings. This information can prevent you from financial losses and dealing with shady businesses. If you see reviews about scams or fraud – it’s fair to assume the company isn’t operating correctly. A trustworthy moving company won’t spam you with deposit requests or ask you to pay in advance. With the high quantity of available moving services, you’ll manage to find a reliable one by doing some preliminary research.

Moving with GoShip

Ultimately, moving doesn’t have to be stressful. In today’s market, you have a wide choice of shipping companies and moving services. The key to a positive shipping experience is finding a reputable partner and providing accurate data. At GoShip, we aim to assist you with numerous moving chores and facilitate transportation. You’ll find many expert carriers ready to deliver your things on our platform. Take a look at GoShip’s website and get a free shipping quote!

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