What Is Moving Season & When Is The Best Time To Move?

What is the peak moving season?

Summer is traditionally known as a popular time for moving. Usually, the peak moving season starts in April and lasts until September. There are many reasons why most relocations happen in summer.

Students move to other cities after graduation, families relocate while their children are on the summer breaks, and military workers often change their location due to work command in the spring or summer time. Workers who have seasonal jobs also switch locations throughout the summertime. It is much easier to move in the warmer seasons than in the winter.

When is it the best time to move?

Although there is a defined moving season, it is hard to say when is the best time for you to move. Every case is different. Depending on your current location and the region you’re moving to, the best time to move can be different. Usually, it is recommended to arrange your relocation during the off-season. Starting in late September and through the mid-spring, there is a big chance to move without rushing and breaking a budget. Most of the shipping services have loose schedules compared to the summer season, and moving rates are comparably low.

How to survive the moving season?

Regardless of the season, investigation and planning won’t hurt. Before booking any services, ask for advice from a real estate agent, or another expert that knows specifics of the region. In two different parts of the country, the busy season can be a completely different time. Knowing tricks and arranging the moving procedure ahead will save you time and money.

Essentially, hiring a shipping service would be a better option than a do-it-yourself move-out. There are plenty of services for every need and budget. Some of the services even allow you to compare quotes before booking a shipment.

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