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Whether you are an electronics manufacturer or just need to ship electronics or computer equipment, it can be challenging to choose the right shipping method. Electronic items are often fragile and expensive, which means these goods need ample and secure protection and packaging, as well as careful handling and transportation. Additionally, electronic items that contain batteries require precautions and special packaging.

How to ship electronics: Transportation of electronic goods

There are different services available for shipping electronics, and the one that fits you most depends on the needs of your commodity:

  • Expedited delivery. It is a great option for time-sensitive shipments. Electronic items are often sent as gifts, and sometimes electronic suppliers need to ship goods urgently.
  • Truckload shipping. It is a suitable option for shippers who ship large volumes of electronic goods that are enough to fill in the truck trailer. It is also a safe bet since you have a dedicated truck for just your freight, which means increased protection and less chance for freight damage.
  • LTL shipping. Less-than-truckload shipping is a type of transportation when several shippers share a truck for their goods. Because loading and unloading take more time, it is a great mode for shippers who have smaller shipments that are not time-sensitive.
  • White glove service or service for hiring helpers. Packaging electronics often requires additional effort and resources. If you are not familiar with electronics packaging, you can use help.

Electronics packaging

Ideally, electronics packaging includes double boxing and padding for additional protection. Make sure to put some protective wrapping around your product, but not so large that the wrapped product will bounce around the inside of the box as it’s being handled. Use bubble wrap or another type of content to fill in the boxes, and seal those with tape. Shipping lithium batteries require specific packaging and strict compliance with additional regulations.

Label the parcel with electronic items

By stating that your package is fragile, the carriers and drivers who are handling your package are more likely to handle it with care. Write the word ‘fragile’ in big, bold letters on all sides and consider drawing arrows so that couriers know which way up an item needs to be carried.

Freight insurance

Although it may cost a little more on top of sending the parcel with electronic items, it is always best to add insurance where you can. If mistakes are made and your package is getting damaged, insurance will be cheaper than reimbursing and losing customers in the long run. GoShip.com provides a convenient freight shipping insurance option.

How long does it take to ship electronics?

Depending on the shipment volume and the carrier you choose, it can take one to five business days to ship electronic goods. The ultimate delivery times depend on many factors, like destination, shipping mode, seasonality, etc. GoShip.com provides seamless shipment tracking and email updates on your shipment status, so you can be sure of the transportation process.

Shipping electronics with GoShip.com

Preparing electronic items for transit can quickly turn stressful because these fragile and valuable items need extra care and attention when it comes to shipping. Here at GoShip.com, we want to make the shipping process as easy for you as possible. With GoShip.com, you can compare quotes from multiple carriers in real-time and ship electronics properly.

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