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Tracking Your Shipment with GoShip: How It Works

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May 31, 2022

The implementation of shipment tracking can significantly benefit your logistics visibility and help you execute necessary improvements. GoShip company does its best to facilitate the shipment tracking procedure and increase supply chain transparency.

Benefits of shipment tracking

Shipment tracking represents one of the most influential modern supply chain and logistics tools. Today’s wide variety of tracking systems provides options for businesses of all scales. Business owners can get valuable insights into their supply chain organization and evaluate them critically. You can trace the challenges your logistics strategy faces during transit and work on resolving them.

For carrier services, shipment tracking systems simplify the reporting procedure, so they stay focused on the logistics process and save time for making calls. In addition, carriers can benefit from the route optimization provided by the tracking network. It can significantly reduce the commute time and prevent shippers from disruptions caused by heavy traffic or port congestion.

Finally, shipment tracking increases customer satisfaction by giving them direct access to logistics operations. Customers can look up their order’s location and check the estimated delivery time. Getting instant notifications will keep the buyers updated on any changes and provide customer support when needed.

How to track your shipment?

Modern shipment tracking is easy to use and manage. Let us guide you through the main principles of GoShip tracking system to streamline your supply chain operations.

Estimated time of arrival (ETA)

In freight shipping and logistics, the estimated arrival time signifies the approximate time of the shipment’s delivery. ETA cannot provide the exact arrival data due to many external factors influencing the transit duration, but it can inform the customers when to expect the order delivery. This shipment tracking feature is highly efficient for enhancing customer experience since the buyers stay updated on their items’ status anytime.

Tracking systems calculate the ETA based on several determinants. First, the carrier services consider the route mileage and the required stops, especially if shipping via LTL, where the carrier delivers several packages in order. Second, the vehicle’s average speed and time for refueling or possible repair stops contribute to the ETA calculations. Finally, unpredictable weather conditions and traffic also affect the approximate shipment duration.

Shipment tracking systems come in handy when determining the ETA of your shipments due to the broad functionality of route optimization, supervision of technical processes of the vehicle, and forecasting the road congestion levels to reduce the commute time successfully. Besides, tracking allows your customers to get updates about the ETA changes.

Tracking updates

The way of receiving tracking updates depends on the chosen shipping mode. If you’re moving your freight via full truckload (FTL) shipping, you’ll need to call to check on the truck’s location and other changes. Shipment tracking is more automated when delivering via less than truckload (LTL) mode. You’ll get instant notifications once the load changes its place. 

Managing GoShip dashboard

After you get your LTL quote and book a shipment, you’ll receive the electronically generated bill of lading (BOL) that works as a shipping agreement between you and your carrier. BOL contains essential information about your cargo and provides a unique number to track your shipment. Now, it’s time to start managing your GoShip dashboard and observe the movement of the load.

By entering your BOL number, you’ll be able to pull out the details of your shipment’s status and check the pickup and estimated delivery time. Anytime relevant to you, you can refresh your dashboard and get all the needed data. The dashboard reflects all your shipments and their statuses arranged in a list, making it easy to view the logistics operations’ progress quickly.

Make the most of the shipment tracking with GoShip and gain a smooth and high-quality logistics experience!

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