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What Is Expedited Shipping and How Much Does It Cost?

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Aug 07, 2019

In the world of freight shipping, transit times play a crucial role for both the shipper and the receiver. While most LTL carriers give estimated delivery times, the actual arrival time may be slightly different. However, in the e-commerce industry, last-minute shipments are a regular thing. Many shippers need faster shipping for urgent situations, and if you are in this situation, expedited shipping has many benefits and can be a solution worth trying.

What is expedited shipping?

Expedited shipping is a special shipping service that refers to transporting freight faster than standard delivery time. Expedited is a great solution for both small shippers and large companies if you’re not tight on budget. Usually, shippers get a dedicated truck that delivers cargo within a shorter transit time.

Why You Should Use Expedited Shipping

Some people avoid expedited shipping because of the extra costs involved. But it does have many benefits that you should not skip out on. Especially for business owners like you.

Expedite freight uses the fastest routes to get your cargo to its destination in the shortest time possible. Resulting in fewer stops and lesser waiting time. There are other reasons why you should be taking advantage of expedited shipping. Let’s talk about them:

Faster Delivery

Expedited shipping ensures that your cargo arrives at its destination ASAP. Unlike standard shipping options, cargo companies will focus on your items. Putting them first-in-line for delivery. 

Better Customer Relationships

Customers are more likely to return if they have a good shopping experience. They especially love it if they do not have to wait too long to receive their packages. Accepting expedited shipping improves our sales and client retention rates.

It is found that 38% of shoppers never return to shop with a retailer after a negative delivery experience. But if you have many positive reviews about your shipping services, the more a customer is likely to make a repeat purchase or even recommend your business. 

Lesser Cart Abandonment

We are all guilty of adding multiple items into our carts and forgetting about them. In fact, studies have shown that over 5% of shoppers have abandoned items in their carts. When you offer expedited shipping options, they are more likely to check out because they know they’ll get their orders in a matter of days. 

Lower Risks of Damages and Loss

Expedited shipping also means fewer stops during transit. This lowers the risk of your items getting damaged while on the way to your client.

Lower Business Costs

Fewer damages during transit also mean lower business costs. You don’t need to send out replacements as often, and you get charged fewer refunds. The perks you get by investing in expedited shipping outweigh the cons. If you have the option to make expedited shipping available to your buyers, go for it!

How fast is expedited shipping?

Each carrier and shipping company has estimates for standard and expedited delivery, so time frames can vary depending on the option you choose. Ordinarily, expedited transportation will take two to three days and save you a few days compared to regular transportation.

Expedite Shipping vs. Other Shipping Options

How does expedited shipping hold up against other shipping options? How is it different from standard and express shipping? Delivery methods are different across freight companies. Logistics costs will depend on the margins, how sellers handle logistics, the customer’s locations, and more. So let’s talk about how expedited shipping defers other shipping options available in the market. 

Expedited shipping vs. Standard shipping

Being the cheapest mode of delivery, standard shipping is the most popular choice fro many shoppers and business owners. Standard shipping waits typically range between three to seven days from the time the items are dispatched to the time it arrives to its destination. 

Some companies are able to fulfill deliveries within two days, while others will require you to wait a little longer in order to receive your order. Stores that that have longer wait times usually offer expedited delivery. This will ensure that their customer get their orders in less than three days. It is important to note that shipping days are counted after the product/s have been sent out, ot on the day the order was placed. 

Expedited shipping vs. Express shipping

Expedited shipping and express shipping are often used interchangeably. But they can have different meanings depending on the store and carrier services. But in general, express shipping is often the fastest option as it can mean overnight or same-day delivery.

Expedited shipping, on the other hand, can mean two to three days of waiting time. Knowing the different types of shipping options available to you can save you many headaches, especially if you need your items to get to you ASAP. But keep in mind that certain shipping services, especially expedite and express shipping, can have different meanings and waiting times depending on the retailers and couriers you work with.

How much is expedited shipping?

Essentially, extra speed comes with an extra price, so expedited delivery is not the most cost-efficient option. Since it is an additional service, carriers will charge more for expedited services. Each carrier determines its own rates based on tariffs, lane, destination, freight type, and many other factors.  However, if time and reliability are your top priority, this shipping option may be worth the investment. Here are a few examples of when expedited delivery can be a valuable solution:

  • Last-minute retail shipments
  • Medical supply
  • Emergency situations

Expedited freight tracking

Usually, expedited delivery comes with advanced tracking access, so you can monitor your shipment during transit. However, discussing all the details with your carrier before booking a shipment is better.

Is expedited shipping worth it?

Because expedited shipping means added cost, you might be wondering if it’s worth it. The answer here is not as straightforward as you’d expect. While expedited shipping means you will get your items in a shorter time frame, not every order is urgent. 

If you need your items as soon as possible, then expedited shipping will be a godsend. If not, then you can opt for standard shipping!

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