What Is Expedited Shipping and How Much Does It Cost?

In the world of freight shipping, transit times play a crucial role for both the shipper and receiver. While most LTL carries give estimated delivery times, sometimes the actual time of arrival may be slightly different. However, in the e-commerce industry, last minute shipments are a regular thing. Many shippers need faster shipping for urgent situations, and if you are in this situation, expedited shipping has many benefits and can be a solution worth trying.

What is expedited shipping?

Expedited shipping is a special shipping service that refers to transporting freight faster than standard delivery time. Expedited is a great solution for both small shippers and large companies if you’re not tight on budget. Usually, shippers get a dedicated truck that delivers cargo within a shorter transit time.

How fast is expedited shipping?

Each carrier and shipping company has its own estimates for standard and expedited delivery, so time frames can vary depending on the option you will choose. Ordinarily, expedited transportation will take from two to three days, and saves you a few days compared to regular transportation.

How much is expedited shipping?

Essentially, extra speed comes with an extra price, so expedited delivery is not the most cost-efficient option out there. Since it is considered an additional service, carriers will charge more for expedited services. Each carrier determines its own rates based on tariffs, lane, destination, freight type, and many other factors.  However, if time and reliability is your top priority, this shipping option may be worth the investment. Here are a few examples when expedited delivery can be a valuable solution:

  • Last-minute retail shipments
  • Medical supply
  • Emergency situations where special equipment or tools are required

Expedited freight tracking

Usually, expedited delivery comes with advanced tracking access, so you can monitor your shipment during transit. However, it is better to discuss all the details with your carrier before booking a shipment.

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