Top 3 Practices for Your Cold Chain Logistics Management

Temperature-controlled shipping is a critical part of the global supply chain ecosystem, as it is the primary way of distributing perishables like food and medicine. In fact, reefers, or refrigerated trucks, handle 90% of all food distributed through the US. With the produce season quickly approaching and the massive rollout of vaccines, we have gathered the best practices for managing your cold shipping

How to ship cold items: 3 best practices for cold shipping management

1. Cold packs for shipping

Packaging and storage play a crucial role in temperature-controlled shipping. Depending on the product, there are different climate conditions that need to be considered when shipping refrigerated items. Any discrepancy or violation of standard temperature requirements results in spoiled goods and wasted money. At most, it could cause damaging effects for other parties involved. Finding the right carrier and service for cold shipments, as well as providing ice packs for shipping perishables, is essential to safely and efficiently ship your stock.

2. Regulatory compliance

The key thing that differs cold shipping from regular freight shipping is that it is strictly regulated. Shippers who transport perishable goods need to be acutely aware of the industry standards and regulatory updates. This especially applies to businesses who ship products that fall under the FDA’s sanitary transport rule and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

3. Choosing the right partner for cold shipping

Temperature-controlled shipping and operations in the cold supply chains do not have the same margin for error that dry shipments have, so choosing a reliable and experienced shipping provider is essential. With the right logistics partner, businesses can diversify their cold carrier network, ensure better service and compliance, and mitigate risks GoShip offers convenient refrigerated shipping services. Get a quote and compare rates for your cold shipments!

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