What Is Refrigerated Shipping and How Does It Work?

What is refrigerated shipping?

Refrigerated (or reefer) shipping and trucking is the transportation method of moving temperature-controlled goods. In reefer shipping, freight is loaded and transported in trailers with built-in refrigeration systems and climate control.

Refrigerated shipping plays an important role in the global economy since it’s the only way to prevent product deterioration in transit. Fresh produce, dairy, meat products, and pharmaceutics rely on refrigerated transportation every day.

Frozen shipping first originated in the 1800’s, when drivers used to put freight on large pieces of ice and salt to keep goods in a cool environment. This method was extremely inefficient and often resulted not only in spoiled products, but damaged the trailers as well.

A more sophisticated version of reefers appeared in the 1900’s. Thanks to technology advancements, we now have modern equipment with temperature monitoring systems to save products in pre-shipped conditions.

Benefits of refrigerated shipping

Constant demand

There is always a high demand for fresh products, like dairy, meat, fruits, and vegetables. This means refrigerated trucking is always in high demand regardless of the season. Produce shippers rely on this transportation method as the only way to deliver their products fresh and safe.


Refrigerated containers have special protection from sun and rain apart from built-in refrigeration systems. Also, there is a strict compliance policy for reefer carriers, so it is a safe and reliable way to move temperature-sensitive goods.


Apart from food and beverage, refrigerated trucking serves many different industries. Reefers are often used for transporting pharmaceuticals, flowers, plants, cosmetics, and fine art. This makes refrigerated a highly sought after shipping option and fast growing sector of the transportation industry.

Shipment monitoring

Advances technology lets reefer trailers adjust to the required temperature. You can also monitor shipment temperature, humidity, and other factors in real-time. Need to ship refrigerated freight? Get a free quote right now!

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