Avoiding LTL Shipping Pitfalls: Top 5 Mistakes

LTL Freight Shipping: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

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Nov 21, 2018

LTL shipping is an inexpensive way to move goods and can be an excellent logistics solution for companies looking to save money on their shipments. To deliver your LTL freight successfully, it is essential to carefully plan out all transportation components to avoid frequent shipping mistakes.

What is LTL shipping?

Due to its manageability and pricing, less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping is top-rated among retail business owners. The LTL shipping mode is the answer if your freight isn’t sizeable and you need to move it at a reasonable quote. Besides, LTL transportation is a perfect solution for frequent shipments due to the extended LTL capacity. Knowing your items won’t take up much of the trailer space, you can share the truck with other retailers. It’ll save you money while ensuring high-quality service.

LTL freight shipping mistakes

Since the supply chain organization is multicomponent, it’s sometimes hard to control every detail of the logistics process. Still, avoiding major LTL shipping mistakes helps you prevent the smaller ones, thus making your shipment flow uninterruptible.

Avoiding insurance

One of the significant shipping mistakes is trying to save money on insurance. Assuming that they probably won’t be the ones who will face the problem, companies refuse to secure their LTL freight sufficiently. The thing is, no matter how good the shipping service performs, unpredictable situations can always happen. Dropping the insurance can lead to spending much more than you would pay in case of logistics inconvenience.

Getting freight insurance is especially relevant when shipping valuable and expensive items. Once they get damaged because of various external factors, you won’t be able to receive a refund. Thus, it seems reasonable to take care of your financial security and partner with a professional insurance provider.

Inaccurate items descriptions

The weight and dimensions of the freight define the price of the shipment. Declaring improper or inaccurate measurements may lead to an overestimated price exceeding your logistics budget. Ensure all the cargo data is correct to avoid any misconduct and unwanted costs.

Sometimes, carrier services may remeasure your LTL freight due to information mismatches. It typically results in additional charges, which you certainly don’t need. Try to be maximum precise at this stage of shipment preparation, thus facilitating and speeding up the whole process.

Improper packaging

The shipper is responsible for ensuring that the package will make it from point A to point B without any damage. Every kind of freight needs proper packaging, whether a fragile item or a large load. If your LTL freight measurements are correct, it won’t be a problem to pick the most appropriate packaging type.

Make sure to palletize your shipment or provide enough protection for your items while in transit. While you can put stackable items into regular crates, goods containing fragile elements will require cushioning materials to prevent them from breaking. In addition, take care of items’ labeling to include the most crucial information on the cargo. Your labels can also contain brief freight handling instructions.

Misunderstanding ETA

When planning your LTL transit, pay attention to the shipment deadlines. The carrier will be completing several deliveries according to the shipping route, which may affect the general shipment duration. Given the estimated time of arrival (ETA), remember that the delivery time or date may shift.

Many shippers think the delivery date is an imminent deadline and don’t leave room for possible delays. Many unforeseen factors can impact your shipment’s delivery time, such as accidents, weather conditions, and other external circumstances. Before arranging the load, leave some extra time for any emerging delays.

Skipping the research on LTL shipping services

If shippers are in a hurry and need to get their shipment out as soon as possible, many pick the first available LTL service without any background analysis. Selecting a wrong or unreliable provider can waste your money and cause stress, so research remains crucial to a successful deal. Keep in mind that the lowest price is not always the best one.

Reading reviews and getting more insights about the company would help determine if the service matches your needs. Preparation and good, organized management can help ensure success and save companies costs on their shipments. It is essential to ensure that you have picked the best LTL shipping provider, filled in all the documents, provided the correct data, and supplied the protection to your shipment.

LTL freight shipping with GoShip

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