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How To Successfully Sell Your Heavy Equipment Online

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Mar 01, 2024

Selling heavy equipment online is not a simple process. If you are dealing with this type of business on a regular basis, you know that it might take a long time to get the item sold, a lot of effort to finalize the deal, and careful consideration to properly ship it. Heavy equipment hauling is a specialized, narrow market.

There aren’t many people ready to buy heavy pieces of equipment for hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you have a few interested customers, the sale could be a long process, which makes selling heavy equipment online a bit challenging. Whether you are a newcomer or a skilled equipment seller, knowing a few tricks can help you sell your heavy equipment faster and more efficiently.

How to sell heavy equipment online

Cleaning your equipment

Sometimes shippers forget about the basic rule of cleaning or refurbishing your equipment before posting it anywhere. If you want to sell heavy equipment, this step will not only make your offer more attractive, but will show potential buyers that you care about the items, and about the next owners. Make sure to do any necessary cleaning and restoring before taking pictures.

Pictures and information

To sell heavy equipment online, you have to make it stand out. Most customers won’t be able to come and inspect equipment in person. That’s why taking detailed, high-resolution pictures is a must. To effectively sell heavy equipment, take photos of your heavy items from all angles with good lighting and resolution. It is important to take photos of details and any accessory items that go with the main shipment. Remember to be honest when taking photos.

You are selling used equipment, and it is a bad idea to make it seem as if it’s brand new. If your goods have any scratches or visible damages, include those pictures as well. This will present you as an honest seller and will help avoid further claims. Once you are done with photos, proceed to fill in the description. It has to be clear, concise, and contain all the required information. Apart from the basic info, make sure to include your equipment’s history, including repairs or damages.

Choosing a platform for selling

Last but not least is choosing where to sell heavy equipment online. The best way is to target multiple selling channels is in the form of specialized niche services or post directly to widely-known platforms like Craigslist or eBay. You can even post your heavy equipment in special Facebook groups to reach more potential buyers.

Once you decide where to sell heavy equipment online, place your offer on different platforms, remember to look out for common scams and vet your buyers. If you’re looking for advanced ways to push your sales, the best way is to run an ad or invest in learning and executing search engine optimization (SEO). These techniques can significantly increase the pool of potential buyers and speed up the selling process.

Build a targeted email list

With a proper strategy in place, email marketing can be an effective way to market heavy equipment. Encourage people to subscribe to your email list by using an email capture plugin on your website and running a Facebook ad targeted at your Facebook fans and website visitors. The only hard part of the list is gaining their interest. Once you have it, it’s just a matter of saving their contact information for future outreach.

Optimize your SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the art of ensuring that your website is as search engine-friendly as possible for specific words and phrases—such as caterpillar motor grader or wheel loader for sale. As long as you regularly sell the same types of heavy equipment, it can make sense to create a page on your website targeting a specific keyword—like excavators for sale, or forklift sales. It can take years of consistent work before your website begins to rank on the first page of Google and other search engines, but it’s worth the work. The Hackett Group reports that 83% of consumers consult online reviews before making purchase decisions. In fact, reviews are more trustworthy than a brand’s recommendations. The study found that 60% of consumers believe the recommendations of their social network are more trustworthy than the opinion of a brand.

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