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Why Do I Need Full Truckload Shipping and When To Use It?

For small business owners, shipping freight can sometimes be costly and challenging. You have to wear many hats and with a limited budget, getting the best out of the shipping services can be hard. If your goods are time-sensitive and prone to damage, we may have the right solutions for you – FTL (full truckload shipping). Regardless of the shipping method, you are using right now, truckload shipping can be a great way to optimize your transportation strategy.

When should you try using full truckload shipping?

1. Negotiable rates

Unlike LTL freight shipping, full truckload pricing is more flexible. In the realm of LTL, once a carrier has given you a rate, it is non-negotiable. On the other hand, full truckload freight rates are more dependent on the market conditions at the moment, and therefore can be negotiated. For example, if a carrier needs to fill up the truck for a backhaul trip, you are more likely to get an even more discounted rate. An additional benefit to full truckload is that it is simpler to calculate a freight rate. For instance, in LTL, all measurements should be very precise, with freight class and shipment density being accurately determined. For FTL pricing, there is an easier process for getting a freight quote, and it mostly depends on mileage.

2. Faster transit times

When you use full truckload shipping, the truck is dedicated entirely to your freight. This means that it goes straight from point A to point B without making multiple stops during transit as in LTL shipping. Consequently, full truckload shipments usually arrive at the destination much faster than any other shipping mode. So if your shipments are time-sensitive, you can save up to 2-3 days of transit with full truckload shipping.

3. More shipment security

Shipping full truckload means better safety and fewer risks for your shipment. The key reason for the reliability of full truckload shipping is that there is no extra handling during transit. Once your freight is picked up, the next stop is the final stop. This significantly reduces the chances of freight loss or damage, and ultimately, it saves you time and money. For small businesses that transport fragile or sensitive products, whether this is furniture, metal details, or retail products, FTL shipping means increased security for their freight.

How do you get the best out of truckload shipping?

While full truckload is not for every shipper, if you have more than 6 pallets or 5,000 pounds of goods that are possibly time-sensitive or can be easily damaged, truckload can be the right solution for you. At GoShip.com, we make sure to make the truckload shipping process affordable, simple, and smooth for small businesses. Need to ship something? Get started with a free quote right now!

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