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How Does Shipping Automotive Parts Work?

Whether you are a car owner, a seller or buyer of equipment, or an auto business owner, you know that shipping in this industry can be tough. Automotive parts are items of different size, shape, weight, and cost. They require very careful handling and that’s why shipping automotive parts can be troublesome. Finding the right shipping solution and taking some useful tips can help you create a successful shipping process.

Choosing the right shipping mode

There are a variety of options when it comes to shipping automotive parts. The most common ones include less-than-truckload and full truckload shipping. Depending on the size and volume of your shipment, you can benefit from either LTL or FTL. Full truckload shipments typically fill out a 48 feet trailer and can transport up to 20,000 pounds. LTL will typically take 1-7 pallets or crates of goods.

Packaging is essential

The most important part of shipping automotive parts is proper packaging. These items are often fragile or prone to damage, such as corrosion, etc. Choosing the right protection is essential if you want to save time and money on filing freight claims later. Crates are the most reliable and common type of packaging. Stacking your items on pallets is also highly recommended since it will make the shipment easier to load and provide decent protection during transit. Disassemble any parts that can be damaged and package them separately. Drain any liquids if there are any. You can also add additional protection, like wrapping or taping, to enhance safety. When it comes to shipping automotive parts, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Providing accurate information

It can be tricky to ship automotive parts, especially if you ship LTL. To avoid additional charges, you will need precise dimensions, weight, and freight class if needed. After you properly pack and protect your items, measure and weigh your shipment. If your item is of irregular shape, measure it as a square object. It is also important to think of all the additional services. If you need accessorials, make sure to communicate it to your shipping company or a carrier ahead of the pickup date. Ultimately, taking these tips into consideration will save you time and costs, making your shipping experience as smooth as possible.

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