How To Ship Car Parts: Tips For Shipping Automotive Parts

Shipping Automotive Parts: Understanding the Basics to Ship Car Parts

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Jan 29, 2024

When it comes to shipping automotive parts, there are many details to consider. Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, understanding the process of shipping car parts is essential to ensure your products’ safe and timely arrival. This blog post will explore the basics of shipping auto parts, from understanding the different shipping methods to ensuring secure packaging for delicate items. So, if you need help understanding the ins and outs of shipping automotive parts, keep reading!  

Packing and preparing when shipping automotive parts  

When shipping auto parts, it’s important to use the right packing methods to prevent damage and protect package handlers. Sharp, pointed edges on auto parts should be padded or wrapped with corrugated cardboard, foam padding, or bubble packaging and taped securely in place. Large parts like bumpers, molding, and sway bars should be wrapped with plastic film or bags and taped securely.

Car parts should be shipped inside a box with plenty of cushioning, and the box should be sealed with packing tape. When you ship car parts, the label should be placed on top of the box. Additionally, parts containing lubricant or other fluids should be drained before shipping.   

Tires don’t have to be boxed and can have a tire/crate label directly attached to the tread. To properly cushion the bottom, sides, and top of the box, use at least 3″ of bubble packaging or other cushioning material, and tape the box before applying the shipping label on top.  

Shipping car parts is easy if you know the right procedures for packing, labeling, and preparing for pickup and delivery. In auto parts shipping, you must ensure your parts are properly packaged and labeled to get the best delivery service. Shipping quotes may vary depending on the vehicle parts you’re shipping and your preferred shipping service, so ensure you get a quote before shipping your car parts.  

Choosing the right carrier is important if you’re looking to ship large car parts, such as wing mirrors and wheels. The size and quantity of your shipment could determine whether you need an LTL carrier or full truckload when shipping car parts. For heavier items like wheels and tires, you may need a more heavy-duty shipping service to ensure that your parts arrive safely. It’s also important to ensure that your auto part is properly packaged and labeled to get the best delivery service. Shipping quotes may vary depending on the vehicle parts you’re shipping and your preferred shipping service, so ensure you get a quote before shipping your car parts.    

How to ship car parts  

Shipping automotive parts require careful preparation and the right packaging materials to ensure safe transit and delivery. Crate and freight pallet are two reliable, common types of packaging used for shipping auto parts. When packing automotive parts, it is important to drain any liquids if present, such as motor oil or gasoline. Additionally, when you ship car parts accurate information is necessary to avoid additional charges. Be sure to provide:

  • Precise dimensions
  • Weight
  • And freight class

for your auto part when requesting a shipping quote.  

If your automotive part needs additional services, such as pickup and delivery or extra protection, communicate that to the shipping company or carrier ahead of the pickup date. This includes larger items such as wing mirrors, wheels and tires, and other large vehicle parts that may require extra attention and more substantial packaging materials for secure transport. For large items such as heavy-duty wheels and tires, it is important to have the right shipping service provider who can safely ship these parts. The right shipping service can help you determine the best way to package and ship your auto parts safely and securely.  

Choose the right carrier for shipping automotive parts

When shipping automotive parts, selecting the right carrier is critical. With a reliable and experienced carrier, you can be sure that your auto part will be properly picked up and delivered with the highest level of care. Some of the most trusted carriers in automotive shipping include:

  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • DHL
  • And USPS   

Before selecting a shipping service, consider the size and weight of your automotive part and its fragility. If you are shipping large car parts, such as wing mirrors or wheels, it may be best to opt for a heavy-duty carrier. You should also research trucking quotes for these services before you commit to a specific provider.  

When looking for a delivery service for your vehicle parts, you must ensure you have all the information necessary to ship your car parts safely. Doing your research and finding a reliable carrier with experience in shipping auto parts is key to ensuring your auto part arrives in the same condition it was sent.  

The role of tracking when shipping auto parts

When it comes shipping automotive parts, it is essential that you can track your shipment. Tracking your auto part shipment allows you to ensure that your vehicle parts have been delivered properly and on time. Transportation management system (TMS) technology is the best way to do this. This system gives you visibility into the entire shipping process, allowing you to see where your auto parts are in transit and when they will be delivered.  

When tracking your auto part shipment, you must be aware of your chosen pickup and delivery service. Different services may offer different levels of LTL freight tracking, so be sure to choose the one that offers the most up-to-date visibility. In addition, be sure to get various shipping quotes before choosing a shipping service to ensure that you get the best rate for your shipment.  

Shipping auto parts can be challenging, especially if you need to ship large car parts such as wing mirrors or wheels and tires. Heavy-duty shipments such as these require special care and attention to ensure that the parts are shipped properly and arrive on time. That’s why tracking your auto part shipment closely throughout the entire process is important. Doing so can ensure that your car parts reach their destination safely and on schedule.  

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