How To Ship for Father's Day 2022

Father’s Day Shipping 2022: How to Deliver Dad Presents

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Jun 15, 2022

Before Father’s Day 2022, many customers are looking for a unique gift, worrying about its timely and safe delivery. Let us help you organize successful Father’s Day shipping!

Challenges of holiday shipping

Just like any other holiday, Father’s Day requires you to be ready for proactive shipping and intensified demand for certain types of products. Luckily, modern logistics suggest strategic practices to overcome the bottlenecks of holiday shipping seasons.

Holiday shipping is one of the most intense shipping periods that brings significant profits to the small business community along with many logistics challenges. It’s essential to be well-aware of your stock state and the effectiveness of your eCommerce platforms. It will let you place and process orders fast enough to fulfill customer requests. 

Besides, verify that you know how to quickly and appropriately package the items for shipping. It will speed up the delivery process. Along with compliance with packaging requirements, you’ll mitigate the risks of order returns.

Finally, your top priority is cooperating with a shipping service like GoShip that can handle all the transportation operations. As a result, Father’s Day shipping will benefit every supply chain member.

How to ship on Father’s Day?

Although Father’s Day shipping may not be as intense as Christmas or Black Friday, the logistics strategy remains the same. If you want to deliver all the orders successfully, follow the logical steps of the shipment organization.

Plan shipments in advance

Preliminary calendar planning is a top solution for holiday shipping. Try to start your preparations early in anticipation of a particular date. It will help you avoid disruptions at every level of the supply chain. Drafting your action plan allows you to forecast your supply volumes and discuss these questions with your vendor. 

Besides accurately determining the supplies’ quantities, early planning lets you prevent common stock issues and meet the customer demand as precisely as possible. Try regularly checking your stock for insufficient and excessive items. Also, analyze your sales reports to trace the most popular products.

Early planning significantly contributes to your budgeting formation. Knowing your supply volumes and approximate demand extent, you’ll be able to calculate your expenses more precisely and find opportunities to cut unnecessary costs. It is a great chance to invest saved finances in potentially problematic areas of the supply chain. 

The main advantage of preliminary planning lies in the possibility of early shipment booking and getting a reasonable LTL quote. Knowing what, when, and where to ship, you’ll have a wide choice of carriers offering their services at affordable rates. In addition, you’ll have more time to evaluate the freight shipping pricing options that suit your supply chain organization.

Pack Father’s Day presents properly

Packaging your items depends on the type of ordered gifts. Still, all products need reliable and highly-protective packaging materials to avoid transportation damage and keep the items’ original appearance. In case of shipping easily stackable things like clothes or books, you can use regular cardboard crates to pack them. However, if the gift contains some fragile elements, it’s vital to secure them with additional internal wraps to prevent destructive shaking.

Transportation of technological devices requires waterproof packaging that saves items from humidity fluctuations and cushion materials that diminish the effects of vibration. If you are moving odd-size objects that contain parts of unusual shape, consider disassembling them or providing double packaging to the most brittle pieces.

Along with protecting your items, safe packaging can also avert shipping returns caused by transportation damage or loss of some pieces. If buyers receive their orders in perfect condition, it will considerably enhance customer satisfaction and encourage them to repeat the purchases at your store.

Implement shipment tracking

Shipment tracking is known to be highly effective for buyer-seller interaction. Instead of making numerous calls to get some information on a shipment, your customers can merely use their digital devices for instant monitoring. When expecting to receive a gift due on a specific date, buyers often check the shipment’s location and estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Simultaneously, you can tie the tracking software to the customer support platform that will directly answer the buyer’s queries. It will save time processing support requests, and the shipping flow will remain uninterrupted. 

Work with reliable carriers

Working with professional carrier services ensures timely delivery, which is critically important in terms of holiday shipping. Besides, you’ll be able to establish a stable partnership with trusted carriers and develop the network for further cooperation. During the peak shipping season, partner carrier companies can help you arrange spot shipments and react dynamically to increased customer demand.

At GoShip, we prioritize quality service at affordable rates. With us, you’ll manage to schedule your shipments for reasonable prices, find a suitable shipper, compare carrier rates, and get a free LTL quote in a few clicks. Set up with GoShip and start Father’s Day 2022 shipping today!

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