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Have you always wanted to start an eCommerce business? Many businesses have failed to come to fruition due to insufficient capital and difficulties in dealing with warehouses, inventory, and shipping. Fortunately, there’s a more convenient and attainable alternative – dropshipping. Find out if dropshipping is the right choice for you!  What is Dropshipping? - Dropshipping is a form of eCommerce where all fulfillment of orders is taken care of by third-party suppliers. This means that digital store owners
Just as important as developing your products and tweaking your online store, establishing a clear eCommerce shipping strategy is a critical step to jumpstart a growing business.  What is eCommerce shipping?  - eCommerce shipping is more than fast delivery and free shipping. It encompasses all the services from marketing your product down to delivery and fulfillment, and everything in between.  The most successful online merchants use strategic eCommerce shipping strategies to set themselves apart from t
Supply chains in the US have been widely stretched around the globe for decades. Outsourcing and offshoring manufacturing has been a gold standard in the industry until 2020. Then, the pandemic happened, accompanied by many other economic and political factors like the US-China trade war and Brexit. Considering these factors, the time has come to shorten the supply chains. Many retailers and businesses in the US are trying to develop a better local supply chain, use regional freight carriers, and take other
The world is extremely globalized and interconnected today, as are supply chains. A tremendous number of companies rely on outsourcing and offshoring suppliers, whether it’s manufacturing or retail business. Offshore locations are often utilized because of the massive price gap compared to American or European suppliers and manufacturers. However, the global pandemic made enterprises rethink their supply chain models. Many businesses have suffered severe disruption because the majority of their sourcing and
Reportedly, more than 60% of manufacturers were affected by the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences. There is a lot of news on retail, but not much information about other key links in the supply chains, like manufacturers. While this is a very broad category to define, you typically see small businesses involved in manufacturing who distribute furniture, electronics, or construction equipment. What challenges do manufacturers face? - Delays and pressure During extreme shipping delays, retailers
A shipping strategy is not as high of a priority for small business owners as it should be. However, you will rethink everything whenever it starts hindering your sales flow and affecting customer retention. Shipping is a connecting link between a merchant and the customer, and what arrives on the customer’s end is extremely important. Apart from shipping speed and cost, the overall shipping experience matters. Shipping for small businesses is not limited to just cutting costs, either. Creating a working an
Moving to a new place can feel overwhelming. Having to plan many operations, people often overlook the process of choosing a suitable moving company. However, a reliable moving company can ensure the effectiveness and safety of your delivery.
Many companies overlook the importance of quality shipping services. However, transportation can significantly affect your customers' experience and impact revenue. Besides your customers' satisfaction, convenient shipping can benefit your business in many ways.
With their improved visibility, online shipping platforms will help you organize the delivery fast and easy.
Shipping freight can be a daunting task. There are uncertainties ranging from understanding types of packages to the logistics of delivery. GoShip makes shipping easy by connecting people and carriers with extra truck space. To avoid unnecessary worry, costs, an inconvenience, we’ve developed a list of 4 tips on how to ship.