Small Business Shipping: How to Choose the Best Strategy

A shipping strategy is not as high of a priority for small business owners as it should be. However, you will rethink everything whenever it starts hindering your sales flow and affecting customer retention. Shipping is a connecting link between a merchant and the customer, and what arrives on the customer’s end is extremely important. Apart from shipping speed and cost, the overall shipping experience matters. Shipping for small businesses is not limited to just cutting costs, either. Creating a working and suitable shipping strategy is key to satisfying your customers and boosting your business performance.

How do you create a small business shipping strategy?

Go omnichannel

If you are just starting a business, or don’t have a large budget, you can partly relieve your shipping costs and increase sales by selling on multiple channels. The logic behind this practice is quite simple. The more channels you occupy, the more you sell. If you sell in giant marketplaces, they already have a shipping policy, so you just have to worry about the stock, inventory, and packing. Selling only on retail platforms is not the right solution for every business. You should definitely have your own personally unique shipping strategy.

Use shipping technology

It’s impossible these days to run a business without using any sort of technology. There are plenty of solutions for shipping software, or small business customer management systems, which let you integrate other services and tools you are using for shipping. With good software, you can keep all the orders, shipments and returns in one place, and efficiently analyze and monitor all processes. Through a tech tool, you can define gaps or weak spots in your supply chain and effectively eliminate the disruptions.

Utilize a shipping platform

Shipping stuff on your own will most likely be time consuming and expensive. If you ship large items, parcel services will often charge you for extra weight or dimensions. Having multiple carriers available to use or using a reliable shipping platform can make your shipping performance better. Shipping services let you compare freight rates from different carriers at a glance and choose from a huge variety of carriers instead of spending tons of time building your own network. They also let you track every shipment in real-time and often help with documentation. Having a reliable shipping partner is crucial for a successful shipping strategy.

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