5 Key Benefits of LTL Shipping for Retail Businesses

The retail industry is a fast-growing sector that is constantly changing. With an increasing role of quick delivery and customer experience, retailers struggle to find a shipping solution that will match their needs.

Finding a suitable option that would comply with cost-efficiency and shipping deadlines may be difficult. There are many things retailers have to focus on for their business. Maintaining a consistent logistics process all by yourself can be overwhelming, especially concerning the specifics of retail delivery.

The volume of goods may not always be that high to cover the whole truck, a company probably doesn’t want to break a bank paying for empty space.

Here is where LTL shipping can be a proper solution. Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping suggests combining multiple shipments from different companies in one truckload. Sharing the trailer space lets you save costs on transportation, reduces per-parcel cost, and offers many other comprehensive benefits for retail businesses.

5 key benefits of LTL shipping for retail

Saving costs

Let’s face the truth, every small or mid-sized business company considers its budget when looking for a shipping solution. LTL lets you move goods at a reasonable price since you split the overall shipping cost with other shippers. You will not pay a single extra cent, because the price is calculated based on freight weight, dimensions, density, and destination.

Shipment safety

Regardless of what you are shipping, it’s highly recommended to palletize or crate your freight. LTL freight shipping usually means from 1 to 7 large units (boxes, appliances, furniture, etc.) and to ensure safe handling and delivery, shipping companies advise shippers to properly pack their goods before pickup. The best way to protect cargo is palletizing or crating.

Tracking and visibility

Shipment tracking is crucial to retail logistics. LTL freight shipping services usually provide access to 24/7 shipment tracking and give complete visibility into load status. This feature lets businesses always be aware of the situation and focus on their work instead of worrying about freight.

Additional services

Normally, shipping services that specialize in LTL freight shipping and oversized items shipping offer additional services, apart from transportation. Starting from instant LTL quote comparison from different carriers to freeze protection, you can get a one-stop-shop for all of your shipping needs with the help of LTL shipping services.

Efficiency and consistency

Using LTL for your shipping needs means you’ll fit delivery deadlines, and therefore improve your order fulfillment. The proper transportation strategy lets companies take their performance to an entire level and boost efficiency. Robust shipping ensures satisfied customers, better operations running, and saves the budget. If you are seeking a consistent shipping solution that will match your needs, LTL can be a perfect fit. Learn more about LTL shipping capabilities of GoShip.com or get a free shipping quote now!

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