If you are managing an e-commerce business, logistics experts like GoShip will guide you to the leading eCommerce shipping carriers. You can get instant online quotes and assist with any questions you may have at GoShip.

How does eCommerce shipping work?

Ecommerce shipping works similarly to most industry shipping solutions, with a handful of caveats. The foremost of these differences is the amount of drop shipping when a third party takes care of some fulfillment needs. As a result, the e-commerce shipper doesn’t need on-site inventory or warehouse facilities. Instead, they can focus on customer-centric needs, such as marketing and customer service. 

Because e-commerce businesses often start smaller than traditional brick-and-mortar organizations, e-commerce shippers tend to be more cost-conscious. Therefore, they need a wide array of carriers to move their shipments for a reasonable price.

What is eCommerce fulfillment? 

Fulfillment, or replenishment of stock and on-time delivery, is critical to e-commerce operations. The fulfillment process involves getting the products into your warehouse, presenting inventory on the website, packing and forming the orders, and shipping items to customers.  

For a company of any size, well-planned order fulfillment is an integral part of the business, resulting in customer satisfaction and increasing profitability. Developing a robust e-commerce fulfillment strategy is undoubtedly essential for your business’s success.  

eCommerce shipping companies 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce skyrocketed, and buyers quickly transitioned from paper to digital means. Customers wanted to ensure they could continue selling their products or services. With the hard shift to digital, there has been a sharp rise in the demand for quality e-commerce shipping solutions. Selecting the right shipping company for e-commerce fulfillment has never been more critical. 

The first thing that buyers look for in shipping is expediency. The longer the wait time, the less likely the customer will purchase again. At GoShip, we have a feature that allows shippers to track freight, estimate arrival times, and provide constant updates on the shipping process. It gives your customers peace of mind knowing that their package is safe and on its way. 

The other key factor in shipping for e-commerce companies is cost. Pricing plays a significant role in choosing the right shipping company for most shippers. With most of the world going digital and skyrocketing e-commerce shipping demand, GoShip’s quoting tool helps find the best shipping deal. Whether you’re looking for a quick shipment or a long-term shipping contract, GoShip can help you book an affordable shipment. 

eCommerce shipping costs

Earlier, buyers were beholden to sellers’ whims regarding shipping. Freight was moved on the seller’s schedule, and weeks-long shipping delays weren’t uncommon. With the massive adoption of e-commerce, buyers have significantly raised their expectations.

When considering e-commerce shipping costs, buyers now expect either the lowest rates or shipping costs to be folded into the pricing (i.e., free shipping). It’s such an important factor that almost half of the buyers who abandon their cart cite shipping costs as a deciding factor. As a shipper, that expectation places the burden of protecting your margins from shipping costs on you. 

What affects eCommerce shipping costs?

Unfortunately, costs aren’t easy to predict. Four key factors comprise a large amount of e-commerce shipping costs: 

  • Dimensions 
  • Weight 
  • Pickup location 
  • Delivery location 

The trick is when additional factors, such as insurance, accessorials, or freight market fluctuations, influence LTL and full truckload costs. These factors are so complex they’ve given rise to the freight forecasting industry, where logistics professionals predict how the market will shift and impact pricing. 

So what do you do if your annual budget doesn’t include adding a freight economist? If your customers want low shipping costs, you find the path of least resistance to getting low shipping costs and passing the savings to your customers. 

Leveraging tools like the GoShip get a quote tool allows you to find wholesale pricing and guaranteed capacity for LTL or FTL shipments whenever and wherever you need them. In GoShip’s case, over 45,000 FTL carriers and all the major LTL networks are available. It allows you to compare rates, find the carrier that is the best fit for your freight, and protect those margins from rising buyer expectations. 

eCommerce shipping for small business

Shifting to an e-commerce business model can be an excellent way for small businesses to expand their reach, drive more sales, and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Emerging from the pandemic, customers don’t want to leave the comfort of their houses to buy what they need. 

Over a few years, online sales have stopped being a differentiator and become an expectation. Expanding into the e-commerce market sooner rather than later will help your business. Turning to e-commerce allows you to reach new audiences you wouldn’t be able to get in a physical retail location and ultimately sell more products. 

The costs of establishing an e-commerce website are relatively low, and the payoffs can be significant. With relatively low operational costs, on top of the rest of its benefits, e-commerce has become an excellent way for small businesses to improve their business.   

eCommerce shipping software 

It’s easy to get bogged down in the host of shipping software options for small e-commerce businesses. Everyone offers transportation management systems (TMS), IoT integrations for trailers, tracking solutions, etc.  

When operating a small e-commerce business, you don’t have time to wade into the morass of freight industry technology. You’re busy worrying about customers, your products, and even your store, whether online or in person. That’s why GoShip exists. 

With GoShip, we can help you with all your shipping needs, no matter the type of product you are selling, all in a matter of seconds through our self-serve website. We have a variety of services to offer, along with a multitude of carriers. GoShip carriers offer different rates that best fit your budget. Like you, GoShip puts our customers over everything. 

eCommerce shipping for small businesses 

Small businesses or businesses just getting on their feet need to be more cost-conscious than the average shipper. In addition to having a challenging time capturing the same rates as industry giants, smaller businesses often operate with thinner margins. They also have less cash in the bank should something go wrong. Between insurance, lost or damaged shipments, and lackluster rates, small businesses can be eaten alive by shipping costs. 

While GoShip can’t put cash directly in small businesses’ bank accounts, we can level the playing field for small businesses. We prioritize opening access to free quotes at wholesale prices from a network of 45,000 FTL carriers and all the major LTL networks. Thus, small companies can work with a suitable carrier for them and their budget without straining their margins. 

eBay freight shipping 

It’s possible to buy or sell virtually anything on eBay, from an antique pinball table to a used car. Yet even though eBay makes it easy to buy or sell your items, there’s still the problem of how they will get to their new owners. Not every item for sale on the Internet can fit into a cardboard box. Some of them require pallets or crates because of their size or shape. If your shipment is more than 150 pounds, it is considered cargo, which won’t fit a regular parcel shipment. That’s where the extensive carrier network behind GoShip can help.  

The parcel delivery service may be too expensive if you ship large items sold or bought on eBay. Your shipment cost is determined by several factors, like freight type, dimensions, weight, destination, etc. Eventually, there will be a few options for shipping large items bought or sold on eBay: LTL shipping or full truckload shipping.  

eBay shipping options 

Anyone who has sold an item on eBay knows that shipping your product to the customer is a bigger hassle than it should be. That’s why GoShip makes things as simple as possible to get your product shipped to the customer promptly and efficiently. With over 45,000 carriers in our network, guaranteed capacity, and great rates, there’s no easier way to ship your eBay products. And not only that, our partnership with TaskRabbit allows you to hire someone to help with any pre- or post-delivery needs. 

How to ship large items on eBay 

Shipping large items like a furniture set, several pallets of apparel, or heavy equipment may require a bit of extra room to ship. For huge items, full truckload shipping may be the best solution for shipping your oversized or overweight pieces. 

When considering a full truckload for the shipment of your item, first look at dimensions and weight. Do you need an entire truckload for your shipment? The next step is to consider packaging. The customer is expecting their purchase to come in one piece, and preventative measures regarding damages cannot be overlooked. 

Insurance is another way to prevent customer dissatisfaction. Loading items into the truck is another task the shipper is responsible for. If you cannot load the items yourself, consider hiring a tasker from our partner, TaskRabbit, to help you load your items. You can also arrange taskers to unload your goods at delivery time.  

eBay shipping calculator 

eBay is a multi-billion e-commerce company where businesses or private sellers go to sell their products. The e-commerce industry has taken over a significant part of the business world. It has allowed eBay to snowball over the past few years. Still, while eBay has grown tremendously in size and reach as a marketplace, shipping is out of its hands. 

At GoShip, we always set our customer’s needs as our top priority. We can assist you with all your shipping needs with our wide variety of carriers and rates and our trusty team of support providers. Instead of handling shipping on your own through eBay’s system, let us at GoShip address all your shipping needs. We will help you find the best rate that suits your company or individual needs. 

Etsy shipping  

Etsy is an excellent platform for small businesses to display their products and engage in customer transactions. To reliably ship your products, you’ll need to set realistic expectations with your customers and follow through with them. These expectations start with choosing a reliable shipper that will move your product efficiently and at an excellent rate. 

Over the last few years, freight market volatility has led to uncertainty for online businesses. Having a trustworthy shipping strategy is necessary to be able to run a respectable online business. At GoShip, we work hard to make it as easy as possible for you to ship your product timely and safely, no matter what you sell. 

Etsy shipping options 

Etsy users love using GoShip to move their freight. From bespoke furniture to towering sculptures to custom-build computers, Etsy shippers need the perfect blend of low prices and quality carriers to care for their shipments, and GoShip excels in both. 

Most freight shipments move via LTL freight, usually dry van. Shippers choose this option when parcel services aren’t convenient but aren’t carrying enough cargo to fill a full truckload. The Etsy shop owner would still pack the shipment. Then, a carrier would pick it up from either their residential or commercial location.  

When moving freight through GoShip, Etsy shippers can get quotes from a range of local, regional, and national LTL carrier networks. Based on attributes (like freight class or weight) and required services (like liftgate pickup), you can get instant quotes from each carrier and make the right decision for your shipment. 

Etsy shipping calculator 

Whether you’re selling or buying items on Etsy, you are probably interested in how much the shipping cost. Many factors define the final cost of shipping. They include shipment size, weight, dimensions, commodity type, destination, and transportation mode. It is easy to calculate the approximate shipping cost with GoShip’s easy-to-use shipping calculator.  

Our pricing tool lets you get an immediate estimate and compare shipping rates from multiple freight carriers in real-time. All you do is fill in the information about your shipment in the online form, and the tool will calculate your estimate in seconds. It is essential to give accurate data about your goods to increase the preciseness of the price estimate.  

Shopify eCommerce shipping 

Shopify is the industry-leading e-commerce company that helps businesses create and grow their online presence. Once businesses launch their virtual stores, they often treat it as crossing the finish line. However, there is an additional step before they can begin selling their product: an e-commerce company needs the shipment methods they want available for their customers. 

Shipping can be stressful, and having to figure it out all on your own through Shopify can be a nightmare. At GoShip, you only have to fill out a quote, and we can provide you with various options in minutes. Let GoShip help you with your shipping needs and learn more about their fast and easy get-a-quote tool. 

Shipping software for Shopify 

Shopify is an e-commerce company where businesses go to create an online platform for their business. While running a business, the last thing you want to worry about is shipping problems. With GoShip, we can save you time and money on your shipping. 

We can help you determine what service best suits your shipment type, like LTL and full truckload freight shipping, along with the carriers that best fit your shipment type and within your desired budget. Shopify is a great place to start a small business or even transfer a more significant business online. Let GoShip assist you with shipping items to your customers hassle-free.

Shipping rates calculator for Shopify

Shopify powers many e-commerce businesses with flexible payment and processing options. Shippers are now leveraging GoShip’s get a quote calculator, which searches for the best shipping rates and services for our customers. This tool is designed for customers with large and small shipments to understand the service’s details quickly. Some of the main factors that go into the cost of our services include distance, fuel prices, truck capacity, and delivery timing. 

In the logistics industry, many hidden costs with services can add up. Therefore, the get a quote tool is helpful, especially with a fluctuating economy. If you are ready to take your business up a notch, check out GoShip’s shipping cost calculator!