LTL Quote

LTL Quote

Getting an LTL Quote Just Got Easier

Booking a shipment doesn’t have to be difficult, and shipping platforms like GoShip.com help simplify the process through our wide network of reputable carriers and negotiated rates. With GoShip.com’s freight class calculator, you’ll get access to the lowest LTL freight quote in no time.

When you get an LTL quote from GoShip.com, you can compare freight rates from thousands of carriers to see which rate is the best for your shipment. GoShip.com handles the payment and provides users with an online bill of lading (BOL), so you’ll never have to stress while shipping your goods. Less than truckload freight shipping doesn’t have to be difficult, so it is important to understand how to ship it the most cost-effective and practical way. Here are a few tips to help you through the LTL freight shipping process.

How do I get an LTL quote?

Getting accurate LTL quote doesn’t have to be difficult. With GoShip.com, you can get an LTL freight quote in no time with these three steps:

  1. Define the items you will be shipping.
  2. Collect information about your shipment, including dimensions, weight, address, commodity type, and value.
  3. Just fill in our freight quote calculator and voila!

Why Use GoShip.com for Getting An Instant LTL Quote?

How Do GoShip.com LTL Quotes Work?

Tell us what you’re shipping and where.

How many items are you shipping? What are you shipping? A new drum set? Three pallets of goods? Let us know

Get the cheapest quotes with the quickest transit times.

You’re in control.

Provide origin and destination information.

You told us what you’re shipping. You picked your carrier. Now it’s time for the shipment details.


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Why Choose GoShip.com?

Inexpensive, convenient, and reliable. We’re here to make the shipping process as simple as possible for you. We provide the lowest LTL freight quotes and connect you with experienced and trusted carriers to ensure your freight will be delivered on-time. Also, our innovative tools and the self-service system will save you time, and make shipping seamless.

Get instant LTL quotes and simple, affordable shipping!

Getting an accurate LTL freight quote has never been easier! Get your free shipping estimate right now with GoShip.com!


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