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It’s possible to buy or sell virtually anything on Craigslist, from an antique pinball table to a used car. Yet even though Craigslist makes it easy to buy or sell your items, there’s still the problem of how they will get to their new owners. Not every item for sale on the Internet can fit into a cardboard box. Some of them require pallets or crates because of their size or shape. That’s where the extensive carrier network behind GoShip.com can help. Thanks to our freight shipping options, shipping items to buyers on Craigslist can be just as easy as selling them was. Whenever you are shipping your Craigslist items through GoShip.com, you want to make sure that your shipment is palletized, crated or properly packaged to ensure protection and security for your shipment. GoShip.com’s user-friendly shipping platform can help simplify your Craigslist shipping needs.    

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The Benefits of Craigslist Shipping with GoShip.com

How to Ship Craigslist Items?


Properly packing your items is the key to a successful shipping experience. No matter what goods you are shipping, they must be packed, wrapped, or palletized to avoid damage during handling and transit. There are many ways to protect your goods. Depending on the freight type, you can use various packaging from straps to wooden pallets. It’s also recommended to label all of the parts of your shipment and specify handling requirements. This way, carriers can better service and deliver your goods. 

Shipment information

If you will be using a shipping platform for your Craigslist shipping needs, accurate shipment information is critical for smooth delivery. Weight, dimensions, commodity type, lane and address destination all play an important rope in defining the final cost of your shipment, as well as in avoiding any delays, disruptions and extra fees. 

Choosing the right shipping platform

There are multiple ways to move the items you sell or buy on Craigslist. However, most likely you will figure out that the majority of there options don’t fit your budget or service requirements. Certain items found on Craigslist are too large or bulky to send through parcel services. This means they may need to be shipped via less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. If the item being shipped doesn’t fill the entire trailer, the customer must pay for the cost of transporting a full load. LTL carriers combine multiple shipments that wouldn’t fill a trailer on their own. This means customers don’t pay for cargo capacity they don’t use. GoShip.com has a large network of freight carriers across North America.

How LTL Shipping Can Benefit Craigslist Buyers and Sellers

We can pair Craigslist buyers and sellers with the carriers that best fit their budgets and schedules. With a large array of carriers to choose from, customers can rest easy. The user-friendly platform of GoShip.com takes the hassle out of the shipping process. Users can get a free quote and book their shipment from the same screen. Arranging for delivery by a trusted carrier through GoShip.com helps buyers and sellers avoid worrying about Craigslist shipping scams.

Let GoShip.com Help You Make the Most of Craigslist

GoShip.com can make your Craigslist shipping process easier — from start to finish. Our online shipping platform is at your disposal 24/7/365.

Why Choose GoShip.com?

With GoShip.com, the process of arranging your shipments is easy and convenient. We have long-standing relationships with thousands of reliable, experienced carriers across the country. Our self-service website makes finding the carrier that’s right for you as simple as possible. We offer free quote comparisons, online booking, and tracking tools, and customizable solutions to meet your exact needs.

Logistics are more vital than ever for any retailer’s success. With our experience, expertise and extensive network of carriers, we can provide the capabilities you require to keep your promises to your customers. Get a free quote today!

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