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How Much Does it Cost to Ship Furniture Cross Country?

How much does it cost to ship furniture?

The cost to ship furniture cross country can range between $250 and $900 per piece. To get the most realistic, accurate quote, you have to provide correct information. For example, don’t fill in uncertain or estimated measurements. Every extra inch and pound will add up to the final rate. Another way to get lower shipping rates is to make your shipment easier to stack. Proper packaging, or even palletizing, will let you avoid accessorial charges.

There are special moving and white gloves services, but for extra services, you have to pay extra fees. The destination affects the shipping price as well. Obviously, if you want to send items one state over, it will cost less than moving from coast to coast. It’s also important to accurately provide your address and destination address because sometimes the location you’re shipping from can be considered as limited access.

Overall, it’s impossible to say how much furniture shipping generally costs. Furniture type, your carrier, destination, weight, and dimensions play a crucial role in defining the accurate price.

Whether you are moving cross country, planning a relocation, or just selling a piece of furniture, shipping can be challenging. Shipping furniture seems like a simple process at first, however, it can be complicated or too expensive.

You want your items to be protected so that they reach the destination safely. A major concern when choosing a shipping partner is how much does it cost to ship furniture, and that’s why shippers seek affordable, reliable furniture shipping platforms.

What is the best way to ship furniture?

If you’re moving or shipping large items for the first time, you’ve probably thought about doing it yourself. Honestly, it’s not a good idea. Do-It-Yourself transportation is not only stressful and time-consuming but can end up being more expensive and cause more damages than any other option. The second option that comes on top of mind is regular postal services like UPS or FedEx.

These companies specialize in parcel delivery, and your furniture items may be considered as freight. This means you will pay much more because of the shipment weight, dimensions, and volume.

How do you ship furniture across the country?

Ultimately, you want to find a balanced option to match your needs. There are different shipping platforms that can move your furniture for a fair price.

Services like ship through less-than-truckload freight transportation, which lets you pay only for the truck space you actually use. These shipping services provide you with shipping quotes with approximate prices, based on shipment dimensions and weight.

How to get an accurate freight quote?

There is a fast and easy way to get realistic freight rates with shipping platforms like We provide a free online shipping estimate. All you have to do is fill in the basic information, and voila – compare the rates from available carriers! Get a Quote right now!

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