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Preparing Your Business for the Holiday Season
Preparing Your Business for the Holiday Season

As we move into mid-October and the shipping season continues to flourish before the holiday season, many small businesses can begin to feel overwhelmed. Companies see a large increase in their annual sales during the holidays and should be prepared for a surge in online and in-store purchases made from their business every holiday season. There are many things to consider before entering the holiday season: Do I have the right supplies? Should we use a shipping service? Are we organized? If you are asking yourself any of those questions, is here to help.

Organization is Key

Having an organized warehouse or shipping strategy is the best way to ensure a smooth holiday shipping season. It is important to clean everything up and get rid of clutter that is laying around before things get crazy. When orders begin to come in and the volume of shipments you are sending out starts to go up, it will help simplify the process if your warehouse and shipping area is clean and ready to go.

Utilize a Shipping Service

If your company is shipping items larger than a parcel, you might want to consider partnering with a less-than-truckload shipping provider. LTL shipping providers allow businesses to save money by using only parts of a truck for their shipments instead of wasting money on a truckload shipment to only have half of the truck full. Shipping large items like furniture or exercise equipment can easily be done through an online shipping provider and can help make your companies shipping process much easier during the busy season.

Use the Right Supplies

What supplies you need depends on what type of items you will be shipping. If you are a retail company that is shipping mainly clothing items, you will need smaller boxes that can be sent in the mail or through a package delivery service (UPS, FedEx). If you are shipping large items or a large quantity of smaller items, you might want to consider acquiring pallets to properly package your shipments. To learn about how to properly package a shipment on a pallet, check out our How to Safely Prepare Your LTL Freight Shipment post. As you can see, there are many different things to consider to help make your companies holiday shipping season as successful as can be. Contact this fall to help with any of your LTL shipments!