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CPG Logistics

CPG market sector is tight and saturated, so retailers are highly focused on delivering a positive and seamless customer experience. While companies work on new ways to retain their clients, increase product quality and enhance order fulfillment, CPG logistics and transportation strategy can be easily left out.

With GoShip, you can focus on your business main goals, while we will act behind the scenes providing structured delivery in terms of speed, rate, service, and quality.

What are consumer packaged goods (CPG)?

CPG stands for consumer packaged goods and means a large group of short-life shelf products like food, beverages, and household goods. These products usually require regular restoring and are widely used by the majority of people. Obviously, the goods are wrapped in bright and branded packaging to be recognized from a wide variety of market offers. CPG is a $2 trillion worth sector of the US economy.

Key CPG Logistics Challenges

Due to the extremely diverse and saturated market, the consumer packaged goods industry constantly struggles with many issues. The most common challenges include tight capacity, strict compliance rules, deadlines, and rising operational costs. Because of the constant, it becomes complicated for CPG companies to secure some freight capacity in advance to meet the high demand. Inability to supply the needed products to the retailers on-demand drives to the harsh penalties and money losses. The constantly growing market of companies requires shippers to invent and imply new solutions in order to stay in the race.

According to the Boston Consulting Group, nearly 80 percent of CPG supply chain executives state transportation as their biggest challenge. That’s why outlining the proper logistics strategy is crucial for your CPG supply chain.

CPG Shipping Services

We can help with competitive rates, more efficient processes, and optimized operations. The best way to calculates CPG logistics costs is to fill in shipment information and compare quotes. With GoShip.com, you can compare quotes from multiple carriers in real-time.

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