How to Pack & Ship Fragile Items Properly: Top 5 Tips

In a perfect world, everything we send in the mail will arrive at its destination in perfect condition, however, accidents can happen when the right precautions aren’t taken. Fragile and valuable items need extra care and attention when it comes to shipping. We have put together 5 essential tips to make sure there are no hiccups when shipping your fragile items!

How to ship fragile items?

Order Packaging in the Right Size

You can have all the care in the world when packing fragile items, but that may not matter if they’re not placed in a proper box for the move. Ideally, you’ll want to choose boxes that are large enough to fit some protective wrapping around your product, but not so large that the wrapped product will bounce around the inside of the box as it’s being handled.

Go with a Box Made of High-Quality Materials

Cheap materials don’t just look and feel cheap- they also won’t protect your products in transit. Thinner, flimsy boxes are indeed cheaper upfront, but they will result in more customer returns and product replacements due to damaged goods. When you are planning to pack your fragile item for delivery, make sure that you pick a box that is sturdy but still lightweight. Having a strongbox will take the brunt of the force when your parcel is moving from point A to point B. Also, lightweight materials will keep costs down, because weight can make the price go up drastically in the shipping process.

Protect Items from the Elements

When you think about threats to your fragile products, you probably picture your boxes being thrown around, dropped or mishandled in some way. Rough handling isn’t the only way that your fragile items can get damaged in the shipping process. Rain, puddles and many other elements can also threaten a shipments safe delivery. Plastic bags or shrink-wrap can be great in those circumstances to prevent any moisture or other potentially harmful elements from getting to your products and ruining them.

Label Your Package

By stating that your package is fragile, the people who are handling your package are more likely to handle it with care. Write the word ‘fragile’ in big, bold letters on all sides and consider drawing arrows so that couriers know which way up an item needs to be carried.

Consider Insurance

Although it may cost a little more on top of sending the parcel, it is always best to add insurance where you can. If mistakes are made and your package ends up getting damaged, insurance will be cheaper than reimbursing and losing customers in the long run. Preparing fragile items for transit can quickly turn stressful because fragile and valuable items need extra care and attention when it comes to shipping.

Here at, we want to make the fragile shipping process as easy for you as possible, so today we have put together an infographic with 5 essential tips to help make sure that there are no broken pieces when shipping your fragile items from point A to point B!

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