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Winter Tips for packing a shipping container

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Jan 10, 2018

Winter is upon us. Have you prepared for the cold season? With the unpredictable weather patterns from Mother Nature, you never know when or where a storm will take place. Winter is one of the most challenging seasons when traveling, just think about winter shipping! Below are the best winter shipping tips for packing a shipping container to beat Mother Nature and Jack Frost!

For the freight industry, it’s not any easier… With unsavory road conditions, freezing temperatures, and other hazards in the mix, you never know what delays can be lying ahead. When you plan ahead of schedule, you have a better chance of beating Mother Nature at her own game.

Don’t let your shipment fall into the category of a delayed shipment this season.

Follow these crucial winter shipping tips to prevent your shipment from freezing up!

1. Expect delays

Knowing that the weather can turn at any moment is important. Leave yourself extra days on your shipment plan so you can make sure it arrives on time. The earlier it’s out, the better.

2. Stay in the loop

Maintain a line of communication with your carrier so both parties are able to understand what is expected of the shipment. You and your carrier can work together to monitor your shipment to ensure final delivery when you need it. It’s a good idea to also open a line of communication with the receiver so they can understand the potential winter delays as well.

3. Understand the conditions

Review all of your past data from your shipments to help you determine what the disruptions in the past have been like. This will help you foresee disruptions in the near future to consider as an addition to the weather. Monitoring weather patterns are useful and will help you function smoothly.

4. Know what you’re shipping

You wouldn’t want to ship any non-freeze liquids or food products without proper accommodations. Make sure you protect your heavy items with proper insulation or consider the use of freeze protection services.

Knowing what goods you are shipping also gives you an idea of the type of freight services you will need. 

Using the right services to transport your goods minimizes delays and damages.

5. Choose the right provider

You want to choose a provider who can bring you the best rate, but you should also consider one who can help you make the right decisions to avoid delays in your shipment. GoShip has the knowledge and expertise to help you fight the conditions that lie ahead. Don’t get snowed in this season. We’ll make sure any of your shipments go smoothly and effortlessly with our state-of-the-art technology. The GoShip online platform is for you like you. Need to beat the weather? Let us guide you to the best solution.

We hope these winter shipping tips help you win the battle with Mother Nature.

Start with your free quote to see what we have to offer for all your shipping this winter and all year round.

Supply Chain Challenges During the Winter Season

You need to be aware of the possible challenges your supply chain may face during the winter season. This helps you prepare solutions to avoid halting your productivity. 

Unlike summer and the rainy months, winter comes with its own set of difficulties and these can affect your business in drastic ways.

Failing to prepare for inclement weather can greatly affect your business’s productivity.

So here are some challenges you should brace yourself for:

Increased Demands

The holidays typically fall during the winter season. This means that people are most likely shopping in larger quantities than usual. 

This is the season for buying, giving, and receiving gifts after all. 

So once winter comes, expect that you will see a drastic climb in the demand for your products.

But this also means an increase in the demand for more freight services.

By expecting this sudden rise in sales, you will be able to know what extra services your business will need in order to fulfill your customers’ demands. 

Severe Weather

Your biggest enemy during the winter months will be the severe weather. Snowstorms, road closures, and power outages are only a few examples of what can hinder your progress during the winter months. 

These cause delays, accidents, and safety risks. All of which can hugely impact the efficiency of your supply chain.

Keeping yourself aware of any weather changes makes it easier for you to come up with the best solutions to deal with the harsh weather changes of the season.

Increased Costs In Transportation

As the demand for more trucks and freight carriers increases, so do the costs for operation. Because there are so many businesses needing their products shipped out, carriers are forced to spend more on gas and operating other machinery.

Damages to vehicles due to snow-related accidents also run rampant during this season.

These can cause shipping rates to increase. You need to brace yourself financially in order to cover the costs involved in your deliveries.

Warehouse Space Shortages 

When the demand for products increases, so does the demand for storage spaces. Once the winter months hit, many storage companies find themselves lacking storage spaces to accommodate their clients.

As a business owner, you can prepare for this by making advanced agreements with the warehouse companies you typically work with. 

But don’t forget to create a backup plan. You never know the exact volume of orders you will get during winter, so it’s best if you are also in contact with other reputable warehouse companies in your area. 

Longer Lead Times

The sudden influx of orders, traffic, drastic weather changes, and even road closures can affect your lead times.

Expect that your production will encounter many delays and setbacks. This saves you from feeling frustrated at all the mishaps going on due to the bad weather. 

Informing your clients of the longer lead times also gives them an idea of how long they’re going to have to wait before they can get their products. This builds trust and lowers the number of complaints you may receive.

Of course, these are only a few examples of the possible issue that may arise for you and your business this winter. 

However, working with a reputable shipping company like GoShip can greatly reduce the stress you feel during the winter rush. 

They’ll handle the deliveries, inventory, and even tracking so you can focus on meeting your daily quota of orders. 
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