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When Should You Use Expedited Freight Shipping?

In our modern dynamic world, last-minute decisions and actions are becoming a daily routine. The shipping industry is not an exclusion, especially with the steady growth of the e-commerce industry.

Shippers want their orders right here, right now, and businesses have to supply this need whether they want to or not. Whenever you need your shipment to arrive quickly, you can rely on the expedited shipping option.

What is expedited freight?

Expedited freight is a shipment delivery within a shorter transit time than the standard LTL transit time. Depending on the route and destination, the average transit times may vary, but usually, it is between 1-3 business days. Essentially, additional service and pressed delivery time don’t come at the standard price. That’s why expedited shipping will become a great solution for last-minute, unplanned shipments.

But if you’re tight on the budget, this service is not for usage on a daily basis.  Apart from faster delivery times, expedited freight provides better shipment safety. Since the driver avoids any unnecessary stops, there is less freight handling, which ensures low risks of freight damage.

Who uses expedited shipping?

Basically, everyone who has a time-sensitive LTL shipment can use expedited services. Whether you are a business or an individual shipper, expedited can become a practical solution for your logistics needs. There are no limits in terms of distance and freight volume. You can ship from several pallets to a full truckload.  Usually, expedited shipping is common within the industries that often need last-minute shipments to keep processes running.

E-commerce companies see the spike of last-minute, urgent orders during the holiday season. Medical structures often need a prompt supply to save somebody’s life. The oil and gas industry relies on expedited freight services to move important drilling equipment. However, usage of the service is certainly not limited to these industries – anyone can ship expedited.

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