What is Less Than Truckload Shipping & How Can It Help You?

less than truckload

What is less than truckload?

LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping is a shipping method where your freight takes only a part of the carrier’s truck. It is one of many logistics options, but unlike many other types, it offers the best solutions for small businesses and individual shippers. The point is that you share the truck capacity with other shippers and pay only for space you actually use.

LTL shipping services are just the right balance between full truckload and parcel shipping. When you choose LTL, you normally don’t have to spend more than is necessary for your shipments.

Benefits of less-than-truckload:

  • No extra spends. Statistics show that over 15 percent of FTL (full-truckload) shipments are filled on less than 55 percent.  LTL allows you to pay just for the space you use.
  • Save time. Since most LTL shipping is provided by third-party logistics companies or online delivery services like GoShip.com, your shipping flows faster and smoother. Self-service shipment booking lets you arrange transportation within a few clicks and get visibility into the process.
  • Real-time tracking. There is no need to stress where your load is moving because professional LTL services allow you to track all the check-ins, stops, unloading and delivery of any shipment.

When should you use LTL shipping?

Small businesses

If you are an entrepreneur and you don’t have a need to constantly deliver tons of goods, LTL is the solution that will match your needs the most. Using a place in the truck shared with other customers can be more cost-efficient than renting a whole vehicle space and filling only half of it.

Individual shippers

Whenever you are moving to another house or office, buying bulky furniture or sending any large items is a perfect opportunity for this kind of inside delivery.

A lot of small businesses struggle to find the best price and quality shipping service for their delivery solutions. The reason is that normally, large logistics giants are only suitable for enormous corporations with larger loads… and prices.

Ultimately, LTL shipping can be very beneficial to small businesses due to the affordable price. It’s also easier to arrange and to track and can help save time and money on shipments.

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