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What Is Freight Inside Delivery & Pickup?

In the world of business, there are many different services that companies and individuals rely on to help them get the things they need in order to keep doing business and make money. There are outside freight delivery services and inside freight delivery services, but what’s the difference? In this article, we’ll take a look at the differences between these two types of freight delivery services, as well as why it’s important to pick the one that best suits your needs.

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What is inside freight delivery?

Inside delivery occurs when a shipment is delivered directly to the door of your residence or commercial facility. It is a service that shipping companies typically offer for an additional fee. Often, the delivery sites do not have docks needed for successful loading and unloading, so you can take care of these operations by applying inside pickup or delivery.

Companies typically offer these kinds of assistance by doorstep delivery services or white glove services for an additional fee. Inside pickup and delivery classify as additional charges, and form an important part of last-mile logistics.

How much does an inside delivery cost?

Inside delivery is an additional service in LTL freight shipping. Each carrier will individually determine the charge for these services. Before arranging an inside delivery, clearly communicate it with your carrier and state accurate location details to receive the most decent pricing.

When do you need inside delivery?

When you make an expensive purchase online or buy fragile items, you’ll probably want to receive the order right in front of your door. If you ship something bulky, secure delivery becomes even more crucial. When it comes to completing the freight shipping process, carriers often have many limitations during delivery. Usually, a shipment is moved to a facility or a dock and is rarely dropped in front of residential or commercial property. That’s where additional services come in handy.

With the considerable increase in e-commerce, inside pickup and delivery services have grown in popularity. For an additional fee, the carrier can deliver your shipment to your residence or building. Of course, drivers are not allowed to enter the building, so the place right in front of your door is a limit for this service. As a rule, carriers leave parcels or boxes in places such as your front door, near the stairs, or even by the garage door.

What are the types of inside delivery?

There are two main types of inside delivery: residential and commercial. The difference between them depends on the facility your freight needs to be delivered to.

  • Residential delivery
  • Commercial delivery

For residential delivery, many carriers have strict policies that prohibit drivers from in-home delivery or pickup. These policies are preventing any case of liability to damage inside the home (i.e. tracked in mud, damaged walls or doors, etc.) or issues involving an accident or injury.

For commercial delivery, the rules are slightly different, but the policies remain the same. The carrier will only bring the load a few feet inside the main entrance, and no further. If it exceeds the limitations, there will be an increase in the delivery charges. According to the commercial transportation terms and conditions, delivering freight up winding stairways or driveways are “extraordinary” functions and will not occur.

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