What Are The Benefits of Using Mobile Shipping Apps?

Over the last decade, the logistics and transportation industry were greatly reshaped by technology. In many ways, it has changed operations, data storage, tracking, customer service, and many other sectors of shipping. With more logistics start-ups emerging, the market becomes more saturated with new software and tech solutions for truckload and less-than-truckload shipping. One of the most convenient and useful tools for shippers are mobile shipping apps.

Shipping applications provide many benefits to anyone involved in the freight shipping process, as it makes it faster, simpler and easier to monitor. Mobile solutions are the best way to track and oversee processes in real-time and stay updated on everything regarding your shipment.

Why should you use mobile shipping apps?

Save time

The core advantage of getting a shipping app is its speed and ability to manage everything when you need it. Having the entire functionality of a good software, you can book, modify, monitor and update all the processes within a few clicks and not rely on talking to a freight broker. Apps also give you access to real-time data, which lets you immediately see a delay or any other disruption that may arise. Some shipping apps also provide data you can save or store for analytics purposes. With the automation and convenience an app provides, you save tons of time on paperwork and unnecessary communication.

Transparent pricing

When using an online freight shipping company’s app, you can compare freight quotes from different carriers in real-time instead of talking to several freight brokers and waiting for updates. All you need to do is enter accurate information about your shipment and destination to see available carriers to move the shipment. Once you find price you like, you just proceed to book or clarify some additional shipping details directly with the carrier.

Load management and optimization

Thanks to data storage, you can easily use all the historical information to analyze and enhance operational performance. You can identify supply chain gaps or inconsistency, and make adjustments to optimize the processes. Mobile shipping apps let you review load management and planning, as well as forecasting potential gaps. Also, you can get advanced reports and updates on your shipments, which reduces manual operations even more.

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