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How to Prepare for Shipping During Hurricane Season?

Managing your supply chain can be very complex and difficult for certain businesses. Managing your supply chain in the middle of a hurricane can be extremely difficult and is an added stress that no business wants to face. Hurricanes often come with catastrophic results, and many businesses suffer disruptions and issues in their supply chain when a hurricane moves into the area. We want to help companies stay ahead of hurricanes and be prepared to get their supply chain through the storm without any major bumps along the way.

Be aware

The first step in helping your business be prepared in the case of a hurricane is to know that you could be at risk for devastating weather impacts. Make sure to keep updated with the storm and track locations and high-risk areas to see if the area that you are located in will or could be affected. Hurricanes can cause massive damages with intense flooding and high wind speeds.

Plan ahead

Companies should have a “what if” or back up plan to prepare for when disaster strikes. Having an emergency plan in place and practicing that plan can make businesses feel more comfortable and confident in their ability to withstand the storm. This can include evacuation preparation or organizing alternate options for your company’s shipments.

Consider alternate options

Businesses should consider developing a list of additional suppliers, warehousing options, transportation providers, vehicle storage units and fuel suppliers to use as a backup plan. Having a list of alternate contacts can ease the planning process and help companies ship more effectively during a disaster.

Utilize technology

Today’s technology gives companies visibility and real-time updates in their supply chain. Using technology to help manage your company’s supply chain keeps companies organized and lets them better optimize their transportation methods. Technology can allow companies to identify weather-related problems and initiate alternate sourcing methods before a disaster occurs. Businesses can take appropriate steps to prepare for hurricane season and ensure that their shipments are handled efficiently throughout the storm. Planning ahead, staying updated and considering alternate options are all important steps for companies to take when preparing for hurricane season.

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