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Top 4 Freight Saving Tips for Shippers

Have you ever tried to make a shipment and been shocked by the price of the shipping cost estimates? There are many factors that go into determining your final shipping cost. Factors like fuel costs are out of your control, but other factors like weight can be controlled. We will go over four freight saving tips to help you reduce the cost of your shipments.

Tip #1: Consolidate Your Shipment

Bundling, boxing, and palletizing your shipment makes it easier for the LTL shipper to handle and pack your shipment. Consolidating your shipment can help you save money on the cost of your shipment. For example, if you are shipping five individual chairs, you wouldn’t want to ship each individual chair as a separate shipment. Instead, you could stack and wrap the chairs together so that the shipper has one piece to handle instead of five separate pieces. This will not only save you money but use less space inside of the trailer as well.

Tip #2: Get Multiple Estimates

Carriers tend to specialize in certain types of loads and certain geographic locations. Doing research and getting competitive bids from carriers can be time-consuming but could help save you money. With GoShip, you can look at multiple quotes at the same time and pick the best option for your freight saving.

Tip #3: Give Carriers Plenty of Time

The more time a carrier has to pick up and deliver a load, the easier it is to handle the order. Rushing shipments can lead to paying premiums. Always try to plan ahead with your shipments to get a smaller freight bill.

Tip #4: Package Your Items Like a Pro

The better you package your items, the less likely they are to experience damage in transit. When you are preparing your package, make sure you are selecting the right materials for cushioning and surface protection, using stretch wrap or plastic banding to secure items to a pallet. The expenses of freight shipping don’t have to be overpriced. Use these helpful tips to help keep the cost of your next shipment down.

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