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LTL Freight Shipping: Guide For Beginners

What is LTL freight?

Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping is the transportation method where a carrier combines multiple loads into a single trailer. Shippers use LTL when they don’t have enough freight volume to fill an entire truck container and want to save shipping costs. Compared to other types of transportation, LTL trucking can be a useful solution for small businesses and individual shippers. When you’re sharing the truck capacity with other shippers, you only pay for space you actually use.

How does LTL shipping work?

Usually, an LTL shipment is one to six pallets of goods or other shipping units. Unlike regular truckload freight, less-than-truckload shipments are priced differently. All of the commodities fall into 50 different freight classes or codes. These classes determine the final cost of transportation as well as load dimensions, weight, density, and destination.

Who would benefit the most with LTL shipping?

  • Small businesses. If you are an entrepreneur and you don’t have a need to constantly deliver tons of goods, LTL is the solution that will match your needs the most. Using space in the truck shared with other customers is much more cost-efficient than renting a whole truckload and filling only half of it.
  • Individual shippers. Whether you are moving to another house or office, buying bulky furniture, or sending any over-sized items, less-than-truckload shipping is a perfect choice for this kind of inside delivery.

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What are the benefits of LTL freight shipping?

No extra spends

According to stats, over 15 percent of trucks on the roads are filled with freight on less than 55 percent. The fact is, full truckload shipping can cost you a significant amount of money, unlike LTL. Less-than-truckload allows you to pay just for the space you use.

Real-time tracking

There is no need to stress where your load is moving and what is happening because professional LTL services allow you to track all the check-ins, stops, unloading, etc.

It’s simple for shippers

Apart from cost-efficiency, LTL shipping is easy to arrange on your own thanks to various online shipping services. You don’t have to deal with brokers and wait for responses from multiple entities. When shipping LTL, you can use a self-service website and schedule your shipments fast and easy.

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