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Technology Trends in Road Freight

New technology keeps reshaping the transportation and logistics industry, and the trucking industry is not an exception. There are constantly new developments in trucking, and the majority of these innovations are steadily replacing existing technology and methods. Road freight is also getting smarter, more efficient, more connected, and safer. The trucking industry has changed a lot over the recent decade, and there are some key innovations that will be even more impactful. Certain trends in the transportation and trucking industry are placing a focus on certain road freight technology.

What are the key technology trends in road freight?

Smart technology and connectivity

Firstly, the development of new technology will be driven by the need for integration and better connectivity. Electronic logging devices and similar tools for truckers will create extensive, connected networks and will ease the data distribution across shippers, carriers, and consignees. This, in turn, leads to data-driven decision making, which 93% of companies believe to be the most efficient supply chain strategy.


Apart from automated vehicles, automation in trucking means better technology for drivers and integrated systems for data storage. Such technology like the Internet of Things(IoT), blockchain, big data tools, and others will make trucking way more efficient and safer. Automation encompasses monitoring of equipment, which is especially useful for refrigerated freight shipping, but also for trucking safety in general. Automated processes help in building more efficient routes, keeping drivers and shippers updated and a faster decision-making process.


Sustainability is a huge trend in the trucking industry. Transportation is definitely moving towards being greener. Trucking companies are testing renewable fuel or switching to electric vehicles. Manufacturers are working tirelessly in an effort to reshape the trucking industry into a green powerhouse. Over the next few years, the number of eco-friendly trucks on the roads will grow exponentially.

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