Supply Chain Visibility and Its Importance in Modern Logistics

What is end-to-end visibility in the supply chain?

Supply chain visibility means having access to all processes and products involved in the supply chain. It includes transparency and real-time visibility into shipments, inventory, transactions, operations, payments, etc. Generally, supply chain visibility is the ability to track and trace everything that goes on in the supply chain from manufacturing to the end customer. In a current business environment, having visibility enables businesses to have control over their supply chains. Because outsourcing supply chain operations became extremely common, and there are naturally many parties involved in supply chain management, the control and visibility there are limited. But transparency into operations enables companies to spot errors, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. The best way to achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility is partnering with shipping providers with robust tracking capabilities, like It makes supply chains a clear and transparent space for all supply chain members and allows visibility into operations, transactions, and shipments.

Why is supply chain visibility important

Modern supply chains become extremely complex and integrated, which creates many control issues. Having a transparent, well-integrated supply chain keeps you in line with all the current processes happening, and allows you to define the problematic areas at an early stage. Visibility and simultaneous monitoring also speed up responses to disruptive processes, therefore eliminating the damage. After the pandemic hit, everyone was talking about building resilience throughout the supply chains across all industries. All the gaps and vulnerabilities of the supply chains were exposed, and companies started looking for ways to become more flexible and bulletproof. While resilience is an extremely vital quality of a modern supply chain, there is an important thing standing behind it – supply chain visibility. Why? Firstly, it is critical to understand what is going on through every step of your network in order to have the ability to make flexible decisions and realistically estimate your capabilities in case of trouble. Eventually, it can be reached with an extremely high level of supply chain visibility and connectivity. Choosing shipping providers that give you a transparent view at shipments is essential to the current supply chain environment.

Supply chain visibility with

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