Importance of Supply Chain Visibility in Modern Logistics

Supply Chain Visibility and Its Importance in Modern Logistics

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Apr 14, 2021

What is end-to-end visibility in the supply chain?

Supply chain visibility means having access to all processes and products involved in the supply chain. It includes transparency and real-time visibility into shipments, inventory, transactions, operations, payments, etc. Generally, supply chain visibility is the ability to track and trace everything that goes on in the supply chain from manufacturing to the end customer. 

In the current business environment, having visibility enables businesses to have control over their supply chains. Because outsourcing supply chain operations became extremely common, the control and visibility there are limited. There are naturally many parties involved in supply chain management which also limits control and visibility.

But transparency in operations enables companies to spot errors, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. The best way to achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility is by partnering with shipping providers with robust tracking capabilities, like GoShip. It makes supply chains a clear and transparent space for all supply chain members. It also allows visibility into operations, transactions, and shipments.

Why is supply chain visibility important

Modern supply chains become extremely complex and integrated, which creates many control issues. Having a transparent, well-integrated supply chain keeps you in line with all the current processes happening, and allows you to define the problematic areas at an early stage. 

Visibility and simultaneous monitoring also speed up responses to disruptive processes, therefore eliminating the damage. After the pandemic hit, everyone was talking about building resilience throughout the supply chains across all industries. All the gaps and vulnerabilities of the supply chains were exposed, and companies started looking for ways to become more flexible and bulletproof. While resilience is an extremely vital quality of a modern supply chain, there is an important thing standing behind it – supply chain visibility. Why? 

Firstly, it is critical to understand what is going on through every step of your network in order to have the ability to make flexible decisions and realistically estimate your capabilities in case of trouble. Eventually, it can be reached with an extremely high level of supply chain visibility and connectivity. Choosing shipping providers that give you a transparent view of shipments is essential to the current supply chain environment.

Benefits of Supply Chain Visibility

Most product-based companies haven’t implemented supply chain visibility. It can take time to make the changes in your company and can present a learning curve for your staff. But it has many advantages that should not be ignored. Supply chain visibility offers many benefits to companies, including:

Reduced Costs

Companies that use supply chain visibility encounter fewer disruptive costs. Customer concerns and inquiries are easily addressed and fewer issues in deliveries are encountered. 

Customer services are done swiftly and more efficiently. Plus, it’s easier to provide delivery options that benefit both the client and the company. Having supply chain visibility also enables product-based businesses to track defective products before they hit outlet stores.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

By having total supply chain visibility, you can easily spot working strategies and create plans to replace the ones that are not. Because you’re keeping tabs on your supply chain, you can easily find effective ways to improve your delivery options based on the data you collect. 

Better Negotiations

With all the information you have collected from having supply chain visibility, you become well-equipped to negotiate your costs, product placements, delivery options, and more!

This not only saves you money but also saves you time in filtering through all the available logistics providers in your area. Gone are the days when you worry that logistics costs will eat away at your profits. 

Manage and Keep Risks Low

Practicing supply chain visibility gives you better control over your inventory. Because you are able to easily track and trace each product that comes out of your assembly lines, you can quickly mitigate risks. We can safely say that supply chain visibility brings many advantages to product-based businesses. 

You can stay five steps ahead of your competitors, look out for possible hurdles, and prepare sound solutions should problems arise during your shipment. You will also be able to track damaged or defective goods and address the complaints coming from clients. That said, supply chain visibility is not used in many companies. It does have a few drawbacks that we need to mention.

Why Few Companies Use Supply Chain Visibility

You may be wondering why not many companies are open to implementing supply chain visibility. After all, it brings many benefits to companies. By using supply chain visibility, you are able to optimize your supply chain to be as efficient as possible, while also lowering risks.

But it also has its downsides. You see, the only time you can feel the benefits of supply chain visibility is if you can use the system accurately. What happens if you can’t? Let’s have a quick look:

Combing through Data

Determining which data is useful and which is not can be difficult to do. If you are not able to identify the different tiers in your supply chain, you will find it difficult to sift through all the data you’ve gathered from using supply chain visibility. 

Sharing Data Across the Chain

Having supply chain visibility in place also means that you need to be able to efficiently deliver the information you gathered through the different tiers of your chain. If done incorrectly, problems may surface and you’ll end up halting your productivity. 

Hurdles In the Supply Chain

Failing to prepare for possible hurdles can cause you to lose control over your inbound supply network. This can then lead to increased inventory levels in different parts of your supply chain. So what can you do to offset these disadvantages to supply chain visibility? 

Well, one sure way to minimize the possible risks involved in implementing supply chain visibility is to outsource your logistics to professionals. Companies like GoShip can ensure the best service at the fraction of the price you would have had to pay if you chose to handle all your logistics yourself. 

Supply chain visibility with

Our digital shipping solutions let you choose carriers with technical capabilities that match your expectations and provide real-time shipment tracking. Know where your cargo is and when it will arrive. Receive timely reports should issues during transportation occur without the need for multiple lengthy phone calls.

GoShip will make sure you are regularly updated on the status of your deliveries. So you can simply focus on growing your business and improving your sales. Get more details on how we can serve you and your business by getting a free quote today.

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